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Who is like What

It seems that we are consumed with finding out who we are. Or more importantly, who else is like us and who is not like us at all. Gay, Straight, Bi; High income, Middle income, Low income; High intelligence etc etc. So much so that companies will spend millions of dollars to “test” all of their Management teams to see how they all think. Now, I am not totally against this. It does help in the communication aspect of our jobs, IE; how to effectively speak to a certain “personality type” to get the most out of them, and so on yadayadayada.

Since I have been in the realm of the ” Hospitality Industry” I have taken approximately 8 different “personality tests”.To their credit, most of them have been pretty close to the mark. The latest one that I took is on the “cutting edge” of this field, and was the most accurate by far for me. It merges environment and genetics (and uses some advances in Neurology)  to come up with your “profile” marking off your brain into 4 separate quadrants.

 The left side being the more analytical and structured part, with the right side being more conceptual and social. As this test pertains to me I am completely right brained coming in with a whopping 47% social and 41% conceptual. Meaning that I am very: Imaginative, Intuitive about ideas, Visionary, I enjoy the unusual and learn by experimenting. In addition I am also Intuitve about people, Socially aware, Sympathetic, Empathetic and I learn more from others.

Now when we started this class the instructor went out of his way to explain that there are no right personalities or wrong ones. That these tests have been thoroughly designed to get to the crux of how we think. Admittedly, in the F&B dept of my resort we had about 18 managers participating in this class. With me coming in at 47% Social I was, indeed, the highest within our team, the next highest was 17 points lower at 30 %. Now, I told you all of the above to say the following.

When it came time to reveal who was what ( we all had a charted pie graph that no one had seen except the instructor) we played a game,with him displaying the graphs and us guessing who was what. When my chart was displayed it was for the most part red (Red being the color for social) and at 47% it would be . But the collective gasp that came up from the room , you would have thought it was just revealed the chartee(chartite??) (Charted one??)had just killed a puppy. After that reaction I was almost embarrassed to go and get my chart from the instructor. You could tell he was embarrassed for me too, because as I was coming up he reiterated the fact that there was no right or wrong to this class. I just don’t understand what the big deal is about trying to pigeon hole us all or to place us in a box. I have always made it a point to be extra friendly and respectful to (most) of the people I meet. It’s a throw back from Bible college where I was taught ” to have friends, one must show himself friendly” (I forget where that is in the Bible but it’s there, most likely Proverbs). It was shocking to me to see what a reaction I got when revealed just how right brained I am. Now I am pariah ( not really, just my dramatic side coming out) . I suppose I should just build a bridge and  get over it, but again that is hard for us right brained folks to do.

Oh………. and just for the record, the left side of my brain came in as follows; With me being 9% Structural, I am only 9% a practical thinker,liking guidelines,cautious of new ideas, predictable and I only learn 9% of anything by doing it. Also I have only got 3% of an Analytical personality, meaning ; I am only 3% a clear thinker.3% a logical problem solver. I only enjoy 3% of all mathematics, am only 3% rational and I only learn 3% of the whole by mental analysis. Now that I have written it all down maybe they were right to gasp ….I wouldn’t know, since I would never do that to anyone, ya know, cuz I am I right brained person and all.


Sniff sniff ???!!! What’s that ……do you smell it ????? That Ladies and germs is the beginning of the winds of change stirring in the upper atmosphere. Like the anticipatory smell before the storm actually breaks. I can smell it …can you ?? And what, you may ask, am I talking about? Several things, as a matter of fact. One influencing the other, culminating into what will be another fairly big upheaval in our lives.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE change,something different, something new. Patrick will be having his IME soon for his WC case for his neck. It is scheduled for the 15th of October, a little less than a month from now. With time moving as fast as it is ( can you believe it is September already?) October 15 th will be here before you know it .

For those of you not “in the know” The IME appointment will be the home stretch to a long overdue ending of this particular drama. In this appointment Patrick will find out just how incapacitated this injury will leave him, and consequently what type of settlement he will be receiving because of said injury. After the IME the Dr. will then go into negotiations with the WC people based on the Dr.’s report. This part of the saga usually takes about 6-8 weeks ( from Oct 15th) which would bring us to Mid December. This means, of course that, barring any odd happenings, we could be ready to leave for the Mainland by the beginning of the New Year. We have not even started the planning, just so we don’t run afoul of anything major. Stay tuned for any major developments.

This may be the answer to another thing that is affecting my life right now. My job has taken a turn for the worse. I won’t go into any details on that other than to say I will be more than willing to leave here in just a few short months. It seems as though our time here in the Pacific will, shortly be coming to an end. Not that I will be happy to leave here, there are many things that I will miss. However since we are moving to Florida there will also be many new things that I will be able to enjoy, while still having a beach and the ocean at our back door. Sure trading the Islands for the Mainland may make some of you think we are crazy. I, however look forward to being closer to both mine and Patrick’s families, and the opportunity to meet new people and make new (and some not so new) friends. 

Now keep in mind that none of our plans on the move have really been set yet. I know that we will be making a breif stop back in Oregon to visit with 2 of Patrick’s sisters and to wait for our belonings to arrive. That may be anywhere from a month to a month and a half ( although it should only take our things about 2 weeks to arrive). Anyway, I just wanted to post something and let you know that I am still around. I am looking forward , in anticipation to when the storm really does break and the winds of change begin to blow in reality !!!! Keep your fingers crossed and your wind measuring equipment in reach. 🙂

Takes a Genius

OK, you ever have one of those moments, when you wish you could just come up with an idea, and be set for life? Why didn’t I think of these ?

Low Rent

Admittedly, I am one to get excited about little things. Like air conditioning in my car on a tropical island. Things like that make me very happy.  Today when I got to work I learned that we are having an offsite function. The function is across the street from our resort at some new condos/Time shares that are going to be able to use our resort amenities. Part of the function is actually going to be in 2 of the units, so naturally we got to see them today.

These units have all the newest bells and whistles. The Stove is on an Island in the middle of the kitchen, and it actually has a splash guard/ventillation system the slides back into the countertop when not in use, just by the touch of a button .Each unit is 3 bedroom 2 bath and 2 floors, so, of course there is an elevator in each unit from the garage  all the way up to the second floor. The glass doors that lead out to the Lanai are actually pocket doors so if you want, your whole living room/kitchen area can be opened up onto your Lanai ( Patrick,of course, would not allow that due to bugs.)

However, the coolest, most unique feature that I found is in the master bath. First of all it should be asumed that there would be a whirlpool tub, seperate from the shower area ( and there is ). The floor is all slate with a huge drain by the shower with no shower door ( because who needs a door when your floor is slate and there is a drain in it?). The coolest thing came when I was looking at the tub. It has handles for both hot and cold water, but no faucet. The person giving the tour saw me looking around and said ” you are looking for where the water comes from aren’t you ? ” Of course I said yes, that was when he turned on the tap and the water started to cascade FROM THE CEILING!!!!!!!!!

Now our house is nice, all of our friends have said that they would kill to have a place like ours. But after touring these condos ( which can be purchased for a mere $300,000 -$400,000,) I definitley feel low rent.

P.S. Any one have about $400,000 dollars Patrick and I can have/borrow ?? You guys could come and visit any time !!  Or if anyone wants to buy one,  Patrick and I would have no problem watching it for you when you aren’t there. 😉

Hey! How’s it goin’?

Whats up? I haven’t been around as much these days ( and I know that is really sad for those of you that hang on my every word). Life is just a bit hectic these days ….Banquet season is starting to kick in at work, so I haven’t been at home alot either.  So lets see….Oh, my back is much better thanks to my 2 rounds of injections. The Dr. said it may take up to three rounds but we will see. Hopefully, I won’t need a third.

We had our “property manager” come and inspect our house in August. I put Property Manager in quotes because they don’t really manage anything except what they are not willing to do for us. For example : we have a refridgerator that I am sure a caveman ate out of (even though the owner swears it is just 9 years old). Because of the refrigerator our electric bill runs about $ 300.00 a month. We asked around our neighborhood and most of their bills average around $120.00 – $180.00 a month. Now, we have lived in this house for a little over 2 years and have been asking to have the fridge replaced for at least 2 years (after we got the first couple of bills).

Anyway I digress…….after cleaning our house for 3 days ( detailed scrubbing of baseboards, miniblinds,screens, windows, etc), our “property manager” gave us a 5 (out of ten) and will be inspecting us again on Sept. 10th.  As an added bonus something is wrong with our oven. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to cook a pizza that should be done in 22 minutes ? You can imagine how long it takes to cook a roast or anything else for that matter. I am sure it is just an element or whatever but I ain’t fixing it. That’s why we rent. So because of our 5 rating our “PM” said she wil not be bringing up any appliance issues with the owner, until we can get above a 5 . Excuse me ..I am well out of preschool. I do not need punishment what I need is for you to do your job and fix our issues.

We think what is really going on is that the owner either has a friend who wants to move in our house, or she wants to get more money (which she can not get due to our lease). She didn’t even address the issue of druggies running around our house all hours of the night ( most likely because of the fact that the owner of our house is the drug dealers’s sister).

Beside all of that drama not much is really going on . Have I mentioned to you guys how much I hate drama?? Well, I do …no really really hate it. On top of all this even though Patrick is slowly getting better we are still having to deal with WC crap, Pain Management Dr. crap, Lawyer crap and any and all other kinds of crap that is in our general vicinity, it seems these days. But despite all of this our outlook is cautiously optimistic, although we have many problems at this point in our lives it could always be much worse. It is only a matter of time before it all comes to an end.

 Reminds me of the poster, from when I was a kid, with the cat hanging on a rope that read “When you feel you are at the end of your rope, Tie a knot and hold on.” We will manage to survive all of this ….we have in the past and so we will again. What matters is that when life knocks you down in the dirt you get up, brush of the dust and try it again, ( sorry about all the cliches, but if the cliche fits …..). Anyway that’s where I am right now, not being whiny just stating facts.

Oh By the way….For those who love books (and OCD) I found a great site at It allows you to catalouge all of the books you have read, are going to read etc. as well as do reviews , rate the books , join group disscusions, all that jazz.  If you have some free time, join it, its fast and easy. After you join “friend me ” I only have 2 friends right now. My name there is the same as everywhere scottk.

Hope you all had a great Labor day weekend. Buh Bye Summer( sheeeeesh,it’s really September already ???).