Whats up? I haven’t been around as much these days ( and I know that is really sad for those of you that hang on my every word). Life is just a bit hectic these days ….Banquet season is starting to kick in at work, so I haven’t been at home alot either.  So lets see….Oh, my back is much better thanks to my 2 rounds of injections. The Dr. said it may take up to three rounds but we will see. Hopefully, I won’t need a third.

We had our “property manager” come and inspect our house in August. I put Property Manager in quotes because they don’t really manage anything except what they are not willing to do for us. For example : we have a refridgerator that I am sure a caveman ate out of (even though the owner swears it is just 9 years old). Because of the refrigerator our electric bill runs about $ 300.00 a month. We asked around our neighborhood and most of their bills average around $120.00 – $180.00 a month. Now, we have lived in this house for a little over 2 years and have been asking to have the fridge replaced for at least 2 years (after we got the first couple of bills).

Anyway I digress…….after cleaning our house for 3 days ( detailed scrubbing of baseboards, miniblinds,screens, windows, etc), our “property manager” gave us a 5 (out of ten) and will be inspecting us again on Sept. 10th.  As an added bonus something is wrong with our oven. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to cook a pizza that should be done in 22 minutes ? You can imagine how long it takes to cook a roast or anything else for that matter. I am sure it is just an element or whatever but I ain’t fixing it. That’s why we rent. So because of our 5 rating our “PM” said she wil not be bringing up any appliance issues with the owner, until we can get above a 5 . Excuse me ..I am well out of preschool. I do not need punishment what I need is for you to do your job and fix our issues.

We think what is really going on is that the owner either has a friend who wants to move in our house, or she wants to get more money (which she can not get due to our lease). She didn’t even address the issue of druggies running around our house all hours of the night ( most likely because of the fact that the owner of our house is the drug dealers’s sister).

Beside all of that drama not much is really going on . Have I mentioned to you guys how much I hate drama?? Well, I do …no really really hate it. On top of all this even though Patrick is slowly getting better we are still having to deal with WC crap, Pain Management Dr. crap, Lawyer crap and any and all other kinds of crap that is in our general vicinity, it seems these days. But despite all of this our outlook is cautiously optimistic, although we have many problems at this point in our lives it could always be much worse. It is only a matter of time before it all comes to an end.

 Reminds me of the poster, from when I was a kid, with the cat hanging on a rope that read “When you feel you are at the end of your rope, Tie a knot and hold on.” We will manage to survive all of this ….we have in the past and so we will again. What matters is that when life knocks you down in the dirt you get up, brush of the dust and try it again, ( sorry about all the cliches, but if the cliche fits …..). Anyway that’s where I am right now, not being whiny just stating facts.

Oh By the way….For those who love books (and OCD) I found a great site at www.goodreads.com. It allows you to catalouge all of the books you have read, are going to read etc. as well as do reviews , rate the books , join group disscusions, all that jazz.  If you have some free time, join it, its fast and easy. After you join “friend me ” I only have 2 friends right now. My name there is the same as everywhere scottk.

Hope you all had a great Labor day weekend. Buh Bye Summer( sheeeeesh,it’s really September already ???).