Admittedly, I am one to get excited about little things. Like air conditioning in my car on a tropical island. Things like that make me very happy.  Today when I got to work I learned that we are having an offsite function. The function is across the street from our resort at some new condos/Time shares that are going to be able to use our resort amenities. Part of the function is actually going to be in 2 of the units, so naturally we got to see them today.

These units have all the newest bells and whistles. The Stove is on an Island in the middle of the kitchen, and it actually has a splash guard/ventillation system the slides back into the countertop when not in use, just by the touch of a button .Each unit is 3 bedroom 2 bath and 2 floors, so, of course there is an elevator in each unit from the garage  all the way up to the second floor. The glass doors that lead out to the Lanai are actually pocket doors so if you want, your whole living room/kitchen area can be opened up onto your Lanai ( Patrick,of course, would not allow that due to bugs.)

However, the coolest, most unique feature that I found is in the master bath. First of all it should be asumed that there would be a whirlpool tub, seperate from the shower area ( and there is ). The floor is all slate with a huge drain by the shower with no shower door ( because who needs a door when your floor is slate and there is a drain in it?). The coolest thing came when I was looking at the tub. It has handles for both hot and cold water, but no faucet. The person giving the tour saw me looking around and said ” you are looking for where the water comes from aren’t you ? ” Of course I said yes, that was when he turned on the tap and the water started to cascade FROM THE CEILING!!!!!!!!!

Now our house is nice, all of our friends have said that they would kill to have a place like ours. But after touring these condos ( which can be purchased for a mere $300,000 -$400,000,) I definitley feel low rent.

P.S. Any one have about $400,000 dollars Patrick and I can have/borrow ?? You guys could come and visit any time !!  Or if anyone wants to buy one,  Patrick and I would have no problem watching it for you when you aren’t there. 😉