It seems that we are consumed with finding out who we are. Or more importantly, who else is like us and who is not like us at all. Gay, Straight, Bi; High income, Middle income, Low income; High intelligence etc etc. So much so that companies will spend millions of dollars to “test” all of their Management teams to see how they all think. Now, I am not totally against this. It does help in the communication aspect of our jobs, IE; how to effectively speak to a certain “personality type” to get the most out of them, and so on yadayadayada.

Since I have been in the realm of the ” Hospitality Industry” I have taken approximately 8 different “personality tests”.To their credit, most of them have been pretty close to the mark. The latest one that I took is on the “cutting edge” of this field, and was the most accurate by far for me. It merges environment and genetics (and uses some advances in Neurology)  to come up with your “profile” marking off your brain into 4 separate quadrants.

 The left side being the more analytical and structured part, with the right side being more conceptual and social. As this test pertains to me I am completely right brained coming in with a whopping 47% social and 41% conceptual. Meaning that I am very: Imaginative, Intuitive about ideas, Visionary, I enjoy the unusual and learn by experimenting. In addition I am also Intuitve about people, Socially aware, Sympathetic, Empathetic and I learn more from others.

Now when we started this class the instructor went out of his way to explain that there are no right personalities or wrong ones. That these tests have been thoroughly designed to get to the crux of how we think. Admittedly, in the F&B dept of my resort we had about 18 managers participating in this class. With me coming in at 47% Social I was, indeed, the highest within our team, the next highest was 17 points lower at 30 %. Now, I told you all of the above to say the following.

When it came time to reveal who was what ( we all had a charted pie graph that no one had seen except the instructor) we played a game,with him displaying the graphs and us guessing who was what. When my chart was displayed it was for the most part red (Red being the color for social) and at 47% it would be . But the collective gasp that came up from the room , you would have thought it was just revealed the chartee(chartite??) (Charted one??)had just killed a puppy. After that reaction I was almost embarrassed to go and get my chart from the instructor. You could tell he was embarrassed for me too, because as I was coming up he reiterated the fact that there was no right or wrong to this class. I just don’t understand what the big deal is about trying to pigeon hole us all or to place us in a box. I have always made it a point to be extra friendly and respectful to (most) of the people I meet. It’s a throw back from Bible college where I was taught ” to have friends, one must show himself friendly” (I forget where that is in the Bible but it’s there, most likely Proverbs). It was shocking to me to see what a reaction I got when revealed just how right brained I am. Now I am pariah ( not really, just my dramatic side coming out) . I suppose I should just build a bridge and  get over it, but again that is hard for us right brained folks to do.

Oh………. and just for the record, the left side of my brain came in as follows; With me being 9% Structural, I am only 9% a practical thinker,liking guidelines,cautious of new ideas, predictable and I only learn 9% of anything by doing it. Also I have only got 3% of an Analytical personality, meaning ; I am only 3% a clear thinker.3% a logical problem solver. I only enjoy 3% of all mathematics, am only 3% rational and I only learn 3% of the whole by mental analysis. Now that I have written it all down maybe they were right to gasp ….I wouldn’t know, since I would never do that to anyone, ya know, cuz I am I right brained person and all.