OK so ….yeah ….. um …Haven’t been around much have I ..I try to write but then life takes over. I have a confession to make. I have been spending alot of time on another site. No it’s not you WordPress it’s me, I have found another love, not that I no longer love you ya know cuz I do really I mean it. I just have really fallen in love with www.goodreads.com. I get lost there and time has no meaning anymore. For a huge Bibliophile ( read book lover) as I am, it is …well the place to be. I have mentioned this “other site” in a post recently, before I knew how lost I could get in it. Before I knew how much time could be wasted just looking at what others are reading and getting recommendations for authors and book titles.

Work has begun to kick my lily white butt with the past three weeks being 6 day work weeks 12-14 hours a day. I say lily white butt because neither that part of me nor any other part of me has been seen by the sun or beach in so long I can not recall.  But it’s banquet season and that is a given . Patrick and Lola have become vague memories of mate and dog in forms of repose.

I urge anyone who has even a small love for books to check out the ” other site” . They have group discussions on many topics you can tag people as “friends” and even comment and post things to groups. In short it has anything a book lover could want . You can also organize bookshelves on your page as to what you have read, are reading, as well as what you want to read next. A rating system is also there to rate your reads, as well as do reviews if you so choose.

So if anyone is wondering where I am or whats been keeping me away it is a combo of all of the above …but chances are if you go to www.goodreads.com and look at the “Meet People” tab, more than likely you will find me there. Plus if any of you fellow book lovers join (free of charge) don’t be shy, friend me.