I am sure you all remember a couple of posts back how I wrote about possibly leaving in the beginning of 2008??? Well, not so much anymore I don’t think. We had totally forgotten ( more likely blocked out) that the neck surgery was just the MAJOR surgery Patrick was in need of. He still may have to have another surgery on his shoulder. He has a small tear on a ligament, but the Dr. thinks he also needs rotor cuff (rotator cup??) surgery as well. If that is the case then our move will be ..well…moved back at least another 6 months. Patrick will have to keep his shoulder/arm immobile for 6 months afterward. And so it goes………

I feel soooo bad for him right now. It’s almost as if someone else has taken over his life. He is always in pain or at the very least discomfort and there is nothing I can do for him. Now he may have another surgery to deal with. It just goes to show you that none of us are invincible. If you had told us a 2 years ago that Patrick was going to face 2 surgeries in the future we would have laughed. Well maybe not laughed but you know what I mean. The other night we were talking about how glad he was that he got to go to Disney World with me before the accident, because he will not be able to ride amusement park rides anymore, sometimes it takes all he has in him to walk up the end of our street.

It just makes me very sad that he is not the same guy anymore. Don’t get me wrong I still love him and will love him through all of this crap. It just gets me down at times when I think of what he must feel. I don’t like to talk to him about it much because then he feels that he is causing me to be depressed. I told him it wasn’t him just the whole situation. However, when we last talked to his Dr he said that what Patrick went through was a major surgery, and it has been less than a year since then, we just need to give it time. And so we will…. whether it be in Maui or in Flordia, and as time passes here’s hoping that the pain recedes and he can become more of himself again.