For those of you who are fans of the TV Show House. If you were watching on Tuesday October 9th ( I think, I had it DVRed,and only got to wach it last night. But it was the one with the guy in the wheel chair that passed out and his guide dog was with him) The guide dog could pass for Lola Moorlach’s twin sister or brother ( except for the fact that Lola is a bit more beautiful, of course) The guide dog was a few shades lighter in color than Lola( think of the guide dog as a blonde then Lola would be a brunette). But she ( Lola ) has the same markings and is about the same size . And yes of course we called Lola into the living room to watch with us. She was already in bed, lying on my pillow, and could not be bothered. Which was kind of a good thing considering the dog died in the end. That, most likely, would have scarred her for life . I know that I got a little emotional when I saw it , but then again I am a big ol’ girl when it comes to dead/dying dogs. It is for that very reason I never watch the Animal rescue show on Animal Planet.

And there you have it…….. Just another peek into our fabulous family’s life.As you were.