For the past few months Patrick and I have been eating healthy, or at least trying to. Actually, we have been doing quite well. One of the sore spots for me is we have pretty much abolished all Fast Food from our diet. I used to be a frequent buyer of Mickey D’s as well as BK and Jack in the Box. And when I say frequent I mean at least once, sometimes twice a day. For the Past 2 months I have had none of the aforementioned items ( and I have lost about 25 pounds to boot).

Yesterday, to celebrate the fact that I only had a 5 hour work day, we decided to have Pizza for dinner ( Meat Lover’s New Yorker style !!). It was decided that I would call Patrick when I was leaving work and he would call Pizza Hut.  When I called to tell him I was leaving he told me to call again when said pizza was in my possession.

I left work and headed to the local Pizza Hut , when I had paid for the Pizza and placed it in the car I called to let Patrick know I was on my way, the following conversation ensued:

S:” Hey babe the pizza is in my car and I am on my way home.”

P: “Okay good ! What does it smell like ?” ( in his defense he had not eaten anything all day).

S: ” It smells like pizza, really good pizza.”

P: “Hurry home to me honey. ”

S:” Okay, I am coming, but I know you just want me for my pizza.”

P: Right now, at this instant, you could not be more correct.”( laughter)

S: “Well at least I know we can be completely honest with each other.” (laughter)

P: ” Just hurry up and get home, but drive carefully.”

S: “Yeah I know , we wouldn’t want anything to happen to your precious pizza cargo.”

P :  Laughter …..and then he hung up.

Can I tell you how much I love my Husband ??