Here in Hawaii we live and breathe Aloha. For those of you not “in the know ” the meaning of Alohaembraces much more than Hello and Good bye. It is a way of life, we even have bumper-stickers telling others to”drive with Aloha” or the familiar “Got Aloha”derivative of the Got milk ad campaign. To have the “Aloha Spirit” means you have respect for all mankind and show it in outward manifestation. Very similar to Southern Hospitality (with a Polynesian twist).

Especially in the Hospitality field there is definite emphasis to show our guests how we live with Aloha. I really enjoy being surrounded by people who practice this. Until the other night, that is. Many times during our busy season, the clients will request a Luau themed party, and we have special Vendors that will come and do the Imu ceremony . The same vendors are hired to do the actual luau shows with Hula dancers and Fire knife shows etc.

Well a few nights ago, there was a male dancer, that was not too happy with the fact that another guy was doing the fire knife portion of the show. Apparently that portion is done by “unhappy guy” and he felt that it had been “taken ” from him unjustly. Now I understand that we all have bad days and, perhaps that was what was happening here. However, you don’t pull your manager to an area where you can be heard by the clients and, then begin to have a heated argument about why you should be preforming instead of the other guy. Did I say in earshot of the clients, who are, for the most part, mainlanders who are here to show their staff a good time, and reward them for a job well done. They should not have to deal with your issues, and then an hour later watch as you dance and celebrate the great spirit which you so willingly dissed just to get some more stage time. I’m just sayin’. But perhaps I am wrong.