The other day Patrick and I had to go up to Lola’s Vet to get her some more flea pills and Heart-worm medicine ( can I tell you how expensive that crap is ??) Our vet is situated on a huge piece of property upcountry ( which just means further up the volcano than we are) It is nice and green and lush . On the back side of the building there is a little sitting area under a huge Oak tree( not sure if it is really Oak but that sounds nice so I am going with it). Patrick and I always thought it was kind of odd to have this area in the back of the building. Until the other day.

As we were coming pout of the building we heard a very loud hysterical child having a fit. We looked over to the sitting area and saw a family and, what seemed to be, their very old Labrador Retriever. The family consisted of Dad, a teenage girl ( who was sobbing but not hysterical) and another child about 9 or ten years old (the hysterical one). The Dad was beginning to pick up the dog and go back in (the pooch had a hard time standing up on his own). The little girl was holding the doggies paw while dad picked him up and headed back inside. We could only assume the worst, as we heard the little girl say “But why does he have to go to sleep?” Her dad replied, with tears in his eyes “Because it’s time .”and walked in to the vet.

We were trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, but the dad gave us a kinda mean look as we walked by him.  As we walked to the car I had tears in my eyes too, and Patrick was just really quiet. I am sure as mine were, his thoughts were thinking of Lola and what we would do when ” the time” came. Thankfully the grassy knoll is there for all of us ..who love and have to let go of a trusted companion. Sorry this post is kinda morbid but , the incident gave me pause (paws) . It is amazing how fast and how much our 4 legged furry friends can wiggle and squirm their way so firmly and so far into our hearts. Needless to say, when we got home Lola got many hugs and kisses. They will continue until the day that we have to visit our own grassy knoll.