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Insert Cryptic Title Here

This message is gonna drive you all crazy but I had to write it somewhere. Remember when I said the winds of change were beginning to blow? Well they are …but not in the direction I thought they were blowing. A small business opportunity may just be falling into mine and Patrick’s laps. Of course that would mean we will not be moving back to the mainland. Things are up in the air, I can smell the excitement from a mile away (or is it anxiety?). I will keep you all posted. Don’t wanna throw a wrench in the works. Keep your fingers crossed and pray to the small business gods for us !


One more Con of Renting

I have already told you all the tale of the brown lawn vs green lawn debate . What I forgot to mention is some other small issues that renters have to deal with. Take, for example, our oven. Something is wrong with it. There has been something wrong with it for oh ….about 5 months now. I know there is something wrong with it because of the simple fact it takes 1hour and 15 minutes to cook a 22 minute frozen pizza. Yes, I said 1 hour and 15 minutes. Ridiculous,yes?? Well, then how much more ridiculous is it for the property manager not to believe us because the owner said the “whole range was brand new when she put it in the house.” Reluctantly they sent out a repairman (after 3 months of us complaining).

Here is the kicker. There is a part of the range that is run by a computer chip that moderates the heating elements. For some reason our chip is sensing that the oven is at 200 degrees F the MOMENT WE TURN IT ON. What is even more ridiculous is the fact that the repairman said ” We could just replace the chip, but the problem is the RANGE IS SO OLD THEY NO LONGER MAKE THE PART”. And so it goes……….we were promised a “brand new range, to have been delivered yesterday the 29th.” It being my day off I volunteered to waste my day waiting for the Sears truck to pull up. NEVER HAPPENED. While talking to the Property Manager today I was promised she would “get right on it and find out what was going on”. About an hour ago I received another call. Apparently the range the owner has chosen has still not arrived from the mainland.

Question: How can Sears deliver something yesterday that is still on the mainland today? Something smells rotten on Maui, and I guarantee you it is not spoiled uncooked pizza dough. If my property Manager was a puppet made of wood, I think her nose would be 15 miles longer than when we moved in here 2.5 years ago. Estimated time of arrival for the range that was supposed to be delivered yesterday??? Sometime between now and the 10th of December. As the P.M. was leaving the message she had to get in a lil cute remark which was “hopefully it will arrive before Christmas ( giggle giggle)”.

I suppose we can deal with range top foods for another 10 days, although I am glad I talked Patrick into buying a Crock pot. There are only so many days a week I can deal with Pasta, or Soup and Sandwiches. On a happier note maybe that is why my weight loss has moved from 20 lbs to 30 lbs as of last week. Here’s hoping it does get here before Christmas though, we already missed cooking one holiday meal together, I will not stand for missing two.

Brother from another Mother

I have a secret. Well it’s not really a secret, everyone in my family knows about it. I am not sure if anyone thinks about it as much as me, but perhaps they do. I chalk it up to the time of year, but around the Holiday season each year my thoughts turn to my Half brothers and sister. I have never met them and I am not really sure if I want to. But around this time of year I think maybe I do….want to know them I mean. I have no idea what we would talk about or even if I would be welcomed in their lives.

I do know that they know about me and my 2 sisters, but have no idea if they ever think about us . Why would they? We are just 3 other kids from another mother. So yeah….this post has nothing to do with the family I have, they are all firmly etched in my heart and mind as the ones I love the dearest. But,(always the but huh?) I can wonder about the half siblings and not have that detract from my  family now can’t I ? I think that is one of the things that has made me not really try to get in touch with them.What would my step father feel if he found out? What about my Mom? I would not be doing this for any other reason than to enrich my life, not hurt someone else.

Simple really how they came about. My Biological father got remarried after “the divorce” as did my mom, but Mom didn’t have any more children. Mom’s kids(me and my 2 sisters), were adapted by my dad (step father) and gained 5 more siblings immediately,3 boys, 2 girls. I really don’t know that much about them other than I think there are 3 of them 1 girl named Michelle, and 2 boys. Michelle is the oldest and I think she was born around ’80 or so. They live in Pennsylvania and that is about the extent of what I know about them. Their mother used to create excuses not to deal with ” the other woman’s kids” (me and my sisters) so we never had any type of relationship. Anyway, just a look at what is rambling around in my brain today. Maybe , one day, we will meet, who knows.

If anyone knows any Diffenderfers that live at 535 Walnut street in Catasauqua, Pa. who are the children of Joe and Diane. Tell them Scott their half brother is wishing them a joyous Holiday season. Maybe I should call Ellen or Oprah. 🙂

Get busy Red Squirrels

I don’t know about you, but I am shocked to know that there are only 38 days left in the year of Our Lord 2007. Just enough time for the lady red squirrelsto have a family. Sheeesh……….. where has the time gone??

*** A more noteworthy post will be produced when I come out of my Turkey/Pumpkin pie induced Tryptophan coma.Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! ( Yes I know that Tryptophan in and of itself does not make you tired, I took artistic licence with it to make a joke) .

If you look over the right hand side of my page, above the Blogroll and right under the “A Little About Me” page, you will see something missing. The Blogger’s Book Club is no more. For various and sundry reasons I have decided to terminate the Book club. It was not for lack of trying ..and we did read about 5 books together, but it’s just hard. Various peoples schedules, plus their reading pace and interest all happened to be a bit harder than I had thought. We never did get the discussion blog going all that well after reading, so rather than watching it’s death rattle I decided to just stop it. It is hard enough getting a book club together when you are all in one city …again sometimes life interrupts. As I wrote in the goodbye email to it’s members , I can only hope that during our time as a group 1 or 2 were exposed to authors that they never  would have picked up if not for the group, and that they enjoyed themselves. I know that I had a great time, and hopefully they did too.

On the upside that means that I can continue with my “A Peek into my Library” posts, on here which will give me something to post about at least 2 times a month or so . ( I know I see you all shuddering with antici…………pation) (But maybe the rain , was really to blame).*** Anyway that’s whats goin on here with me, I am a bit saddened by ending it but I can only assume the members will be quite happy not to receive my “how far along are you ” emails. Plus now all you regulars can be exhilarated in knowing what’s on my nightstand ( No!!! No not that drawer!!!) Who knows I might just start a whole new blog dedicated to what I am reading now ( you thought this was boring MWaaahaaahhahaaahaahaa) . Look for a new “A Peek from my Library” post coming soon to a blog near you ( Oh wait …that makes no sense, coming to this blog) soon.

*** Insert Antiquated Rocky Horror Picture Show quote here

Retirement Day Blues

I work in a department in my resort that notably has many older people,many have been here since the place first opened in 1991. As a result of that we have had quite a few retirements that I have witnessed along the way. Today’s couple however, take the cake (not literally as you will soon see). Now, here is the part that I do not understand. They have had a pretty spotless attendance record, they are a married couple who work within different ares of our department. Today, on the Eve of their retirement, they decided to call in sick.

 Let me first state that I don’t entirely blame them, however, we had a whole shindig planned for them tonight,even though they were on the regular schedule they were not actually going to work. Their simple chore for the evening was to come, eat cake,get some gifts & cards and then go on their merry way to a blissful life of no work. I can’t find fault in them wanting to start early. What I can find fault in is that some of the people they work with have been here the entire time the couple had been. For 16 years they have toiled side by side enjoying life’s little surprises, sicknesses, births, deaths, weddings, etc . And the retirees could not even show up long enough for the crew to pay homage to their years of service. My boss even called them and told them they would not be working just come and enjoy some time with their fellow workers before they would never see them again. They declined to oblige. Maybe they had their reasons, things I can’t fathom, but it would seem that the least they could do was to stop by and say good bye to all of us . It is kinda like thumbing their nose at us and saying “see ya suckers”, but who knows. All I do know is that I am going home with my belly filled with Cake and Ice Cream, Patrick is getting a beautiful flower Lei. Maybe I am just bitter, because, as it so happens, I got my SSI statement in the mail the other day, and Patrick and I decided to get the optimum ( if it still exists by then) I will have to work until I am 70. What the hell that’s only 28 more years. 😉

You have our lives right now.First the good; Patrick is doing a bit better and will not have to have shoulder surgery!!!! Although he does have to have a very painful nerve test done. They take needles and poke him from the top of his head all the way down onto his shoulders and arms.Then they stimulate the areas nerves. Patrick’s Dr. said it will most likely be one of the most painful things he has ever done. He said it will hurt worse than the initial injury but not for as long a time so that would be the bad.He is seeing the Dr. who fixed my knee for this procedure and while he has no sense of humor he is an excellent Dr.

Now for my good: I am not hating my job so much right now, some things that were going on (more of an office politics kinda scenario) have died down. Things are looking a bit better. Of course the cause of the drama is on vacation right now so we will have to see what new stuff he comes up with upon his return.We actually took some time to have a beach hour the other day. I have not been to the beach in forever as you know if you read me often, so even an hour was well spent.

*** Funny Story ***( Or why we are thinking about buying a House instead of renting when we move)

The house we are renting right now is handled by a third party property management team ( which can be good because we don’t have to deal directly with the owner , it can also be bad for reasons listed below). Each quarter they come and inspect the house. They came in August and said everything looked great, with the exeption of two things 1) The grass was brown and 2) The bushes were looking a bit droopy. Now we know enough to make sure they are taken care of but…the PM we had before the one we have now told us that the owner was angry with the amount of water we are using, so we stopped watering. Plus this was in August at the end of a very dry hot Summer. The new PM told us that “the owner had spent a fortune on all of our shrubs and grass and would want them green and lush and to begin watering again.” So we did, exactly for one hour after sundown we watered the grass as well as the shrubs. Needless to say, at the beginning of October I got a nasty voicemail from our PM telling us ( yet again) that the owner was “furious due to the fact that our water usage had doubled in the past two months.”>>>>>>>>>>BLANK STARES >>>>>>>>>> I called her back and left her a message simply stating lush bushes and green grass require water, to water the lawn and shrubs we needed to use more water ( Duh) . I then said “So you and the owner need to get together and decide what you guys want, you either want green grass and lush shrubberies = watering, or you want to spend less money on water usage = brown grass and wilty shrubs.”The Issue has not been brought up again ( yet).

P.S.  –  Yes I am well aware that this is my first post of November…….Accept my apologies, build a bridge and get over it. More regular posting to begin shortly (I hope).