You have our lives right now.First the good; Patrick is doing a bit better and will not have to have shoulder surgery!!!! Although he does have to have a very painful nerve test done. They take needles and poke him from the top of his head all the way down onto his shoulders and arms.Then they stimulate the areas nerves. Patrick’s Dr. said it will most likely be one of the most painful things he has ever done. He said it will hurt worse than the initial injury but not for as long a time so that would be the bad.He is seeing the Dr. who fixed my knee for this procedure and while he has no sense of humor he is an excellent Dr.

Now for my good: I am not hating my job so much right now, some things that were going on (more of an office politics kinda scenario) have died down. Things are looking a bit better. Of course the cause of the drama is on vacation right now so we will have to see what new stuff he comes up with upon his return.We actually took some time to have a beach hour the other day. I have not been to the beach in forever as you know if you read me often, so even an hour was well spent.

*** Funny Story ***( Or why we are thinking about buying a House instead of renting when we move)

The house we are renting right now is handled by a third party property management team ( which can be good because we don’t have to deal directly with the owner , it can also be bad for reasons listed below). Each quarter they come and inspect the house. They came in August and said everything looked great, with the exeption of two things 1) The grass was brown and 2) The bushes were looking a bit droopy. Now we know enough to make sure they are taken care of but…the PM we had before the one we have now told us that the owner was angry with the amount of water we are using, so we stopped watering. Plus this was in August at the end of a very dry hot Summer. The new PM told us that “the owner had spent a fortune on all of our shrubs and grass and would want them green and lush and to begin watering again.” So we did, exactly for one hour after sundown we watered the grass as well as the shrubs. Needless to say, at the beginning of October I got a nasty voicemail from our PM telling us ( yet again) that the owner was “furious due to the fact that our water usage had doubled in the past two months.”>>>>>>>>>>BLANK STARES >>>>>>>>>> I called her back and left her a message simply stating lush bushes and green grass require water, to water the lawn and shrubs we needed to use more water ( Duh) . I then said “So you and the owner need to get together and decide what you guys want, you either want green grass and lush shrubberies = watering, or you want to spend less money on water usage = brown grass and wilty shrubs.”The Issue has not been brought up again ( yet).

P.S.  –  Yes I am well aware that this is my first post of November…….Accept my apologies, build a bridge and get over it. More regular posting to begin shortly (I hope).