I work in a department in my resort that notably has many older people,many have been here since the place first opened in 1991. As a result of that we have had quite a few retirements that I have witnessed along the way. Today’s couple however, take the cake (not literally as you will soon see). Now, here is the part that I do not understand. They have had a pretty spotless attendance record, they are a married couple who work within different ares of our department. Today, on the Eve of their retirement, they decided to call in sick.

 Let me first state that I don’t entirely blame them, however, we had a whole shindig planned for them tonight,even though they were on the regular schedule they were not actually going to work. Their simple chore for the evening was to come, eat cake,get some gifts & cards and then go on their merry way to a blissful life of no work. I can’t find fault in them wanting to start early. What I can find fault in is that some of the people they work with have been here the entire time the couple had been. For 16 years they have toiled side by side enjoying life’s little surprises, sicknesses, births, deaths, weddings, etc . And the retirees could not even show up long enough for the crew to pay homage to their years of service. My boss even called them and told them they would not be working just come and enjoy some time with their fellow workers before they would never see them again. They declined to oblige. Maybe they had their reasons, things I can’t fathom, but it would seem that the least they could do was to stop by and say good bye to all of us . It is kinda like thumbing their nose at us and saying “see ya suckers”, but who knows. All I do know is that I am going home with my belly filled with Cake and Ice Cream, Patrick is getting a beautiful flower Lei. Maybe I am just bitter, because, as it so happens, I got my SSI statement in the mail the other day, and Patrick and I decided to get the optimum ( if it still exists by then) I will have to work until I am 70. What the hell that’s only 28 more years. 😉