If you look over the right hand side of my page, above the Blogroll and right under the “A Little About Me” page, you will see something missing. The Blogger’s Book Club is no more. For various and sundry reasons I have decided to terminate the Book club. It was not for lack of trying ..and we did read about 5 books together, but it’s just hard. Various peoples schedules, plus their reading pace and interest all happened to be a bit harder than I had thought. We never did get the discussion blog going all that well after reading, so rather than watching it’s death rattle I decided to just stop it. It is hard enough getting a book club together when you are all in one city …again sometimes life interrupts. As I wrote in the goodbye email to it’s members , I can only hope that during our time as a group 1 or 2 were exposed to authors that they never  would have picked up if not for the group, and that they enjoyed themselves. I know that I had a great time, and hopefully they did too.

On the upside that means that I can continue with my “A Peek into my Library” posts, on here which will give me something to post about at least 2 times a month or so . ( I know I see you all shuddering with antici…………pation) (But maybe the rain , was really to blame).*** Anyway that’s whats goin on here with me, I am a bit saddened by ending it but I can only assume the members will be quite happy not to receive my “how far along are you ” emails. Plus now all you regulars can be exhilarated in knowing what’s on my nightstand ( No!!! No not that drawer!!!) Who knows I might just start a whole new blog dedicated to what I am reading now ( you thought this was boring MWaaahaaahhahaaahaahaa) . Look for a new “A Peek from my Library” post coming soon to a blog near you ( Oh wait …that makes no sense, coming to this blog) soon.

*** Insert Antiquated Rocky Horror Picture Show quote here