I have already told you all the tale of the brown lawn vs green lawn debate . What I forgot to mention is some other small issues that renters have to deal with. Take, for example, our oven. Something is wrong with it. There has been something wrong with it for oh ….about 5 months now. I know there is something wrong with it because of the simple fact it takes 1hour and 15 minutes to cook a 22 minute frozen pizza. Yes, I said 1 hour and 15 minutes. Ridiculous,yes?? Well, then how much more ridiculous is it for the property manager not to believe us because the owner said the “whole range was brand new when she put it in the house.” Reluctantly they sent out a repairman (after 3 months of us complaining).

Here is the kicker. There is a part of the range that is run by a computer chip that moderates the heating elements. For some reason our chip is sensing that the oven is at 200 degrees F the MOMENT WE TURN IT ON. What is even more ridiculous is the fact that the repairman said ” We could just replace the chip, but the problem is the RANGE IS SO OLD THEY NO LONGER MAKE THE PART”. And so it goes……….we were promised a “brand new range, to have been delivered yesterday the 29th.” It being my day off I volunteered to waste my day waiting for the Sears truck to pull up. NEVER HAPPENED. While talking to the Property Manager today I was promised she would “get right on it and find out what was going on”. About an hour ago I received another call. Apparently the range the owner has chosen has still not arrived from the mainland.

Question: How can Sears deliver something yesterday that is still on the mainland today? Something smells rotten on Maui, and I guarantee you it is not spoiled uncooked pizza dough. If my property Manager was a puppet made of wood, I think her nose would be 15 miles longer than when we moved in here 2.5 years ago. Estimated time of arrival for the range that was supposed to be delivered yesterday??? Sometime between now and the 10th of December. As the P.M. was leaving the message she had to get in a lil cute remark which was “hopefully it will arrive before Christmas ( giggle giggle)”.

I suppose we can deal with range top foods for another 10 days, although I am glad I talked Patrick into buying a Crock pot. There are only so many days a week I can deal with Pasta, or Soup and Sandwiches. On a happier note maybe that is why my weight loss has moved from 20 lbs to 30 lbs as of last week. Here’s hoping it does get here before Christmas though, we already missed cooking one holiday meal together, I will not stand for missing two.