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Hob Nobbing with the Hoi Piloi

Patrick’s cousin S and her family left Maui to go to Boston for a few weeks ( I know crazy huh?) The good part about it is Patrick and I get to house sit. They have a dog (Lola’s cousin) named Pebbles, and were worried about certain elements knowing they were gone , so we killed both birds with one stone. Pebbles has a playmate instead of being boarded and someone is at the house to watch over things.

What makes it all the more worth while is it is at least a million dollar home. So for the next 15 days we are living the lives of kings ( of course we are pretending to own the house so don’t say anything). I would post pictures of it (with my new digicam) but I am not sure how S would feel about that.  It is a Hawaiian Pole House, so needless to say it is built on huge poles surrounded on the second level with a huge Lanai ( porch). Google Pole house I am sure there are pics . I gotta run Robin Leach is coming by later to interview us , then we have a taping of Cribs …..catch ya later.        🙂


Fine Wine Or Stinky Cheese???

Tomorrow is my day of birth. 42 years  ago on a cold a wintry morning (I have no idea if it was cold cause I was in Amniotic fluid at the time) at approx. 9:15 A.M. (I think) . I burst forth into light. The light of the world as well as the light of the video camera. Seriously, I don’t think my birth was filmed,but I am glad it happened none the less. Without it I would be nothing …….. for real ya’ll, nothing. Anyway there are days moments when I don’t feel any older than 25 or so ..but then there are days months I feel 60 so it all balances out in the end .

In other related news I got my very first ever digital camera this year ( yeah I know, I know but I was waiting for the prices to come down).  🙂  Patrick gave it to me on Friday morning as I was headed out to work. As soon as I read the manual, charge it and figure it out,you can look forward to pictures of my environs on this here blog O’ mine. Hopefully I will figure it all out in time to take pictures of Christmas. I got Patrick his first ever Ipod ( Yes yes we know we live slowly …its a Maui thing ya’ll).

Anyway, I know Lola already said it but Patrick and I also wish you all the happiest of Holidays and the Brightest and best New Year. Frankly, we are just looking forward to a year with neither one of us in the Hospital for 2008. I do not think that is too much to ask.

Happy Holidays, From Sandy Paws

lola.jpg   Lola wanted me to make a short post to wish you all the best this Holiday Season. She also said her favorite treats are the ones that look like Bacon , and any toy with a squeaky or rope attached will do. (Don’t kill the typist). She really wanted to wear reindeer antlers for this picture but thought they made her head look fat.

But seriously Folks, Happy Holidays to all my regulars and newbies who have stumbled upon this spot. Here’s hoping your Season is full of Peace, Light, Laughter and Love, and all the best for the New Year!!!

*** If you really wanna see how cute our daughter/princess is, just click the pic. (Taken from a cell phone but the cuteness still oozes through)

We have been having some bad weather here in the islands for about a week. No big deal, in and of itself. Winter is usually the rainy season here. It only becomes a problem when half of the island is without power for 2-3 days. What makes it worse is when the resort you work for is on the side with no power. Then add having a full house with a group of over 1400 plus regular F.I.T.s (Frequent Independent Travelers, usually more families on vacation as opposed to business folk). 

When the group of 1400 refuses to cancel a function on one of the nights without power, that is just one more ingredient for guaranteed good times ( insert sarcastic smirk here).  Having said all of that, guess what we (our dept) got to do this past Thursday night? We had the opportunity to wash over 4,500 dishes and pieces of silverware all by hand !!!!! Not only that, but, we also got to sanitize them, and dry them before storing them…in the dark…with only security lights and 1 spotlight. However we did it, I was in there too, drying dishes with the best Damn dept in the world !!! The reason I say we are the best dept in the world is, that, even with an end time for the function of 10:00 P. M.  We all walked out the door at 1:30 A.M.. I have never been more proud of my crew in my life. Not only was everything cleaned and put away, but the banquet dish room was spotless, ( well , as spotless as it could have been working in almost cave like darkness). So, there you have it, a quality staff with a quantity of obstacles to overcome. Oh yeah, and we are all still standing ! Something about a day when you leave work exhausted,whooped and beat, but knowing that you did something the made someone else’s night memorable. Gives new meaning to the phrase “That which does not kill me, only makes me stronger”. End Boast.

‘Tis the Season

I might have said before on here somewhere….but it bears repeating I LOVE the HOLIDAY SEASON. Love it. I listen to the radio station that plays “all Christmas all the time ” from basically Nov 30th – Dec 25th pretty much every year, with out fail. I am the guy that you see with the wreath on my car grille ( if a had a freakin minute to put one on my car grille it would be there believe me). I want my tree ( real if you please …no plastic in my greenery thanks) up as soon as I possibly can without it being brown and shriveled ( and all over the living room floor) by Christmas Morn. I am just that guy. I am hardly ever down or in a bad mood ( except for last year when Patrick’s epic battle with the wicked worker’s comp people began). Hard to believe that was a year ago, well not quite yet, the accident was on Dec 7th.

Maybe it is because I was born in this month of festive parties and caroling out in the snow (these days I believe it would be caroling out in the sand but you know what I mean). Think about it …from the minute I was born I was most likely inundated with holiday muzak in the nursery at the hospital. Then 3 days after I enter this strange world is the big day !!! Plus winter in my household was always very party oriented. My Family has 3 or 4 Birthdays in November, then Thanksgiving. Then more parties with my brother, my Father and me all having birthdays before Christmas. Then comes the New Year with a fresh clean slate, a couple more B-days. We don’t really end with the whole birthday thing in our family ’til the end of March. I guess I was just Fated to be Festive. Who can blame me ?