I might have said before on here somewhere….but it bears repeating I LOVE the HOLIDAY SEASON. Love it. I listen to the radio station that plays “all Christmas all the time ” from basically Nov 30th – Dec 25th pretty much every year, with out fail. I am the guy that you see with the wreath on my car grille ( if a had a freakin minute to put one on my car grille it would be there believe me). I want my tree ( real if you please …no plastic in my greenery thanks) up as soon as I possibly can without it being brown and shriveled ( and all over the living room floor) by Christmas Morn. I am just that guy. I am hardly ever down or in a bad mood ( except for last year when Patrick’s epic battle with the wicked worker’s comp people began). Hard to believe that was a year ago, well not quite yet, the accident was on Dec 7th.

Maybe it is because I was born in this month of festive parties and caroling out in the snow (these days I believe it would be caroling out in the sand but you know what I mean). Think about it …from the minute I was born I was most likely inundated with holiday muzak in the nursery at the hospital. Then 3 days after I enter this strange world is the big day !!! Plus winter in my household was always very party oriented. My Family has 3 or 4 Birthdays in November, then Thanksgiving. Then more parties with my brother, my Father and me all having birthdays before Christmas. Then comes the New Year with a fresh clean slate, a couple more B-days. We don’t really end with the whole birthday thing in our family ’til the end of March. I guess I was just Fated to be Festive. Who can blame me ?