We have been having some bad weather here in the islands for about a week. No big deal, in and of itself. Winter is usually the rainy season here. It only becomes a problem when half of the island is without power for 2-3 days. What makes it worse is when the resort you work for is on the side with no power. Then add having a full house with a group of over 1400 plus regular F.I.T.s (Frequent Independent Travelers, usually more families on vacation as opposed to business folk). 

When the group of 1400 refuses to cancel a function on one of the nights without power, that is just one more ingredient for guaranteed good times ( insert sarcastic smirk here).  Having said all of that, guess what we (our dept) got to do this past Thursday night? We had the opportunity to wash over 4,500 dishes and pieces of silverware all by hand !!!!! Not only that, but, we also got to sanitize them, and dry them before storing them…in the dark…with only security lights and 1 spotlight. However we did it, I was in there too, drying dishes with the best Damn dept in the world !!! The reason I say we are the best dept in the world is, that, even with an end time for the function of 10:00 P. M.  We all walked out the door at 1:30 A.M.. I have never been more proud of my crew in my life. Not only was everything cleaned and put away, but the banquet dish room was spotless, ( well , as spotless as it could have been working in almost cave like darkness). So, there you have it, a quality staff with a quantity of obstacles to overcome. Oh yeah, and we are all still standing ! Something about a day when you leave work exhausted,whooped and beat, but knowing that you did something the made someone else’s night memorable. Gives new meaning to the phrase “That which does not kill me, only makes me stronger”. End Boast.