Tomorrow is my day of birth. 42 years  ago on a cold a wintry morning (I have no idea if it was cold cause I was in Amniotic fluid at the time) at approx. 9:15 A.M. (I think) . I burst forth into light. The light of the world as well as the light of the video camera. Seriously, I don’t think my birth was filmed,but I am glad it happened none the less. Without it I would be nothing …….. for real ya’ll, nothing. Anyway there are days moments when I don’t feel any older than 25 or so ..but then there are days months I feel 60 so it all balances out in the end .

In other related news I got my very first ever digital camera this year ( yeah I know, I know but I was waiting for the prices to come down).  🙂  Patrick gave it to me on Friday morning as I was headed out to work. As soon as I read the manual, charge it and figure it out,you can look forward to pictures of my environs on this here blog O’ mine. Hopefully I will figure it all out in time to take pictures of Christmas. I got Patrick his first ever Ipod ( Yes yes we know we live slowly …its a Maui thing ya’ll).

Anyway, I know Lola already said it but Patrick and I also wish you all the happiest of Holidays and the Brightest and best New Year. Frankly, we are just looking forward to a year with neither one of us in the Hospital for 2008. I do not think that is too much to ask.