Patrick’s cousin S and her family left Maui to go to Boston for a few weeks ( I know crazy huh?) The good part about it is Patrick and I get to house sit. They have a dog (Lola’s cousin) named Pebbles, and were worried about certain elements knowing they were gone , so we killed both birds with one stone. Pebbles has a playmate instead of being boarded and someone is at the house to watch over things.

What makes it all the more worth while is it is at least a million dollar home. So for the next 15 days we are living the lives of kings ( of course we are pretending to own the house so don’t say anything). I would post pictures of it (with my new digicam) but I am not sure how S would feel about that.  It is a Hawaiian Pole House, so needless to say it is built on huge poles surrounded on the second level with a huge Lanai ( porch). Google Pole house I am sure there are pics . I gotta run Robin Leach is coming by later to interview us , then we have a taping of Cribs …..catch ya later.        🙂