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Come Worship the Lord with Meat

At least that was what I thought was on the bumper sticker, on the car in front of me, as I made my way home last night. I thought it said “Come Worship the Lord with Meat ( insert a churchy name here). In my defence I had just worked a 14 hour day after a 12 hour day (meaning I could have just been tired) and it was beginning to get dark.

It wasn’t until the third time I read it that I understood it actually said “Come Worship the Lord with me at ( insert churchy name here)”. The first & second  times I saw no space between the E and the A. The first thing I did when I realized what was going on, was call Patrick ( I am not sure he understood me through my laughter). We both had a good laugh( at my expense). Anyway, I hope at least one of you all finds this funny or this whole post was a waste of my time .

Thank you. I will be here all week.


Some People and their Kids

There is a story that has been playing itself out over the past few days here in Hawaii about a guy. This guy took a “casual acquaintance’s” 2 year old child and threw him over a freeway overpass,to his death. They are trying to make him a victim as well, a victim of meth addiction and mental illness. Apparently there are new studies being done that are saying crystal meth affects those with mental illnesses even more violently then a regular meth addict. The story really saddens me , but even more that that it gets me a bit angry. I have mentioned before that I have no tolerance for people who do senseless things. If you do the crime you should be held under the strictest standards of justice IMHO. Don’t make out a baby killer to be a poor blameless victim.

What saddens me even more is the fact that now they are muck raking the mothers past. Yeah maybe Children’s services had been called on her in the past. Perhaps she even had A (ONE) drug test that came back positive for crystal meth. Hers were not the arms that took a 2 year old child from his home, lead him to a freeway and threw him over the freakin’ bridge.  Let’s leave her past out of it shall we and stick to the facts of the case. A known drug addict with mental illness is the murderer, not the child’s mother. This story has made me weep for the child, for the mother and for their immediate family. The ones who are having to deal with the grief of losing a 2 year old to a senseless tragedy. The ones that will live every day for the rest of their lives wondering what great things this child could have done,could have become.You can rest assured, however, that no tears have left my eyes for the murdering bastard, why should a 2 year old have to pay the highest price payable, his life, for your sins??

Phoenix phase 1


Ok here we are after 4 hours (we would have kept going but N. had another appointment). All the black is completely done, now we just have to go for some color. Originally I wanted to go with red, orange and yellow, but N. said that would detract from the whole image due to too much going on. She said it would look great with just red, but after giving it some thought I am going to see if we can do red at the bottom and slowly fade into orange  for the wings. That might look nice (I think). I will, of course, defer to the Maestro. 


** Click on the image to enlarge it and please excuse the whiteness of my non beach seeing old man arms **

Some Cool Things

Cool thing #1:

It seems that I am being tattooed tomorrow !!! Someone (and I ain’t saying who but it rhymes with Hat trick and starts with a P) let the cat out of the bag that the supposed “consultation”thing is actually a “surprise get in the chair we are doing the tattoo” thing. So that’s kinda coolio, since I thought it was just going to be talking about what we were going to do, not the actual doing of it. That means I will be all healed and pretty when our friend E comes from Wisconsin in February.

Cool thing #2 :

I had my annual review yesterday at work. Out of a total of 75 possible points I received 55 (which means I am only 20 points away from being practically perfect in every way). I was told by our Executive Chef that he has me slated for a “pretty good raise” but he was reluctant to tell me how good in case the higher ups don’t agree, even though he said they would have no problem agreeing to what he asked for. He is not sure when my raise will go into effect but said that it will be retroactive back to Jan 1, 2008 (whenever I do finally receive it)!!!

Cool thing #3

Our friend from Wisconsin is coming to visit us. She is a great kid that we rescued from an abusive boyfriend. And when I say rescued I mean it, we kidnapped her from her boyfriend’s house and left him a message saying she would not be coming back. We lived in fear for a week after we kidnapped her, that he would show up at our door and do something stupid, he never did. We then adopted her and she lived with us in Portland for a bit until she had recovered enough to know she could do it on her own. Then she moved back to Wisconsin. It will be great to see her and hang out again if only for a bit.

Thus far it looks as if we are starting the year on a high note, I hope we can keep our good momentum going for at least 11 more months. 🙂

Terrible Two’s

I love to give a nod to new benchmarks I have achieved here on LWL. To those who are interested yesterday Jan. 11, 2008 was my two year anniversary of my blog. I have surpassed the 11,000 visitors mark.I have made 212 posts, had 736 comments ( most of them by Doug…Thanks) and my best day ever was Jan. 29, 2007 with 70 hits. I think that is the day my sister found me (thanks Lorry). But more than that I have given you all a peek into my life (as well as my library). I have also taken glimpses into some of your lives from as far as the Netherlands, Canada, and the deep South really all over the continental U.S. . I feel that many of you are friends , even though we have never met. I have enjoyed the past 2 years of getting to know all of my “blogging buds”!! Here’s looking forward to what LWL will become in the coming months as I chronicle our trip back to the Mainland and more escapades in the PNW ( yeah I thought Florida but life has a funny way of changing on ya). It will be good to be an Oregonian again, I still have my umbrella and fleece jackets and such, but will have to buy I winter coat again ( Brrr) Thanks to all who come here regularly!

There’s no Place like Home

Tomorrow we head back down the hill to our own home. While I did enjoy staying at P’s cousin’s house the novelty wore off about oh…..5 days ago. Yeah its a great house and it has a great view but it isn’t MY house. Not that I am ungrateful for having the time there, but it’s like when you come home from vacation,when you enter your own house at the end of your time away a sigh of relief leaves your body. You are back among your stuff.

Yesterday was my day off and we went down to our house to do a bit of cleaning and to mow the lawn, when I went in, I realized how much I actually missed being in our house. You may call me weird if you like (I have for at least 40 years). The cousin and family will be arriving sometime tomorrow night which means that when I leave work tomorrow I will be going to our house !!!!! I can not tell you how glad that makes me, Lola can’t wait to go home either.

In other news I talked to my tattoo lady and we have our consultation meeting next Thursday the 17th, hopefully I will get my new tattoo before the end of the month. The next 3 moths at work are going to be crazy busy, which is why I want to get it done before the month is out. Plus we have a visitor coming in on February 4th and I want it to be nice and healed by the time she gets here so it can be admired properly. February 15th will mark 2 years since we had our wedding…sheeesh I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already, we still watch the video whenever we can find a reason to ( ain’t we just the cutest).

Last but not least, Patrick will be having ( hopefully) his last MRI and X-rays to try and figure out why he can’t lift his left shoulder yet(he can lift it, just not straight up in the air, nor can he shrug with that side) this Friday so we should be getting answers soon. You guys probably thought we were through all of that stuff huh?? Not quite, been a long road but we can see the end up in the distance. I will keep you posted on both the tattoo and the MRI as soon as we know more.

Phoenix Rising


Before I met Mr. Patrick I most likely would have never thought of getting a Tattoo for myself. Many people who don’t know me very well, tag me as a more conservative person, and I suppose I can’t blame them. I do look like a conservative person, even though I am not so much. Patrick has 6 tattoos and so it would stand to reason that he might convince me to get one (or two). The first one I got done was done here on Maui, the year before we actually moved here, when we came for a short vacation. For our anniversary P and I both got tribal geckos on our right ankle.

This year for Christmas Patrick got me a gift certificate for my second tattoo. We know a lady who owns her own tattoo parlor ( interestingly enough called A New Tattoo). The picture you see above is what I have chosen. I think I am going to get it on my right upper arm,  the main problem with my gecko is I can never see it, unless I kinda turn my leg sideways and look at it. I also may get it a bit larger to cover the length of my whole upper arm. The picture is that of a phoenix and I love the symbolism associated with it. Taken from the internet : ” The Phoenix is a symbol of resurrection, rebirth, spiritual growth, fire and royalty, strength and energy for life trials. It is a lunar/solar symbol and is connected to Osiris, Ra and Circe.”

 I am going to talk to our friend sometime this week. We may change up the picture a bit make it a bit more fluid. I think the  picture looks like a vogueing phoenix, but I am sure my friend can change it. I am also going to see if we can add some red, yellow and orange to the white wing feathers to resemble fire. I am actually stoked to be getting another tattoo, the only thing is I am not sure of the amount of the Certificate I got so I am not sure how much work she will be willing to do, we will see.

I will keep you posted and may even get some pics of the whole process and post them here. Who knows.

The First Peek


Into my library, for 2008, that is . I vaguely remember threatening you with more of these after the ending of the book club, but I have been busy. I have had time to read a few really good books though,and, thanks to some new friends over at Goodreads, have learned that I am a huge fan of Historical Fiction ( imagine that).

I have read a few good ones in the past 4 months or so, but I will not bore you with all of them. Two of them were exceptionally good and so I will let you know a bit about them. The first was Silent in the GraveBy Deanna Raybourn. * An Aside- Sometimes the way I decide on a book is by reading a few pages or lines of the book before I pick it, usually skipping through some chapters and picking things from here or there.* That being said, the opening line of this book grabbed me, making my decision much easier. This is the first line I read ” To say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband’s dead body is not entirely accurate. Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching upon the floor.”  I was pleased that her wit and sarcasm continued all through the book. I actually rated this book a 5 star on my Goodreads page,with good reason. Her second in the series just became available , and is titled Silent in the Sanctuary.

The second book of this genre that I also highly enjoyed was The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox. This is a great book, along the same lines as the Count of Monte Cristo, in as much as it deals with someone being wronged and the retribution the was exacted as a result. I must admit that I did have to take a few breaks from this brick of a book, but was drawn right back in the minute I picked it back up. By the end of the book I was totally sympathetic to the main character and understood why he did what he thought was “the right thing”. I believe this one was given a 4 star rating on my Goodreads page.

Those were just two of the books I have read over the past couple of months and both were quite enjoyable. I recommend both of them highly to anyone who enjoys a good read. I never knew that I would get into the historical fiction genre as much as I have, and feel that I will be sampling more from it in the near future. If you would like to see more of what I have been up to, in the way of reading I encourage you to check out . Check it all out. Then you can “friend me” and read all of my reviews ( you lucky dogs !).



Answers Revealed

A while ago I wrote a rather cryptic post . See it even has the word Cryptic in it’s title. Well since things have fallen through I will tell you what was to be about. Patrick and I were going to buy a doggie boarding kennel and day care/grooming place. We have been thinking about starting one when we come back to the mainland. This one was for sale with all the equipment and everything we would need to just walk in and “set up shop” as it were.

But then we met with the owner and her broker and things were not as ” peaches and cream” as we had thought. If we had bought the business we would have been buying just that. The business itself, not the property. Which meant that we could make improvements to the building but we could not touch the grounds around it . Plus the place has an excellent spot in the back that we were going to turn into a loft for us to live in. That way the doggies and kitties would have had 24 hour monitoring. That idea was also nixed by the owner. So in essence we would have been making 3 payments 1) the mortgage on the business 2) leasing the land the business sits on and 3) our rent in a new place closer to the property. Even if the place was a gold mine ( which we had heard it is ) it still would not have been a cost effective way of spending our money.

While it would have been much easier buying a place that already had all the equipment and a good reputation,looks like we will be doing it the hard way.  It is not really that big of a deal though, at least now we are sure it is what we want to do . Now we just need to figure out the where and the when part of the whole scenario. And we are going to have an excellent artist doing all of our Logos! My sister has volunteered her artistic talents to that endeavour. It looks as though 2008 will be an entrepreneurial year for both P and myself as we set ourselves up to make the dream a reality.