A while ago I wrote a rather cryptic post . See it even has the word Cryptic in it’s title. Well since things have fallen through I will tell you what was to be about. Patrick and I were going to buy a doggie boarding kennel and day care/grooming place. We have been thinking about starting one when we come back to the mainland. This one was for sale with all the equipment and everything we would need to just walk in and “set up shop” as it were.

But then we met with the owner and her broker and things were not as ” peaches and cream” as we had thought. If we had bought the business we would have been buying just that. The business itself, not the property. Which meant that we could make improvements to the building but we could not touch the grounds around it . Plus the place has an excellent spot in the back that we were going to turn into a loft for us to live in. That way the doggies and kitties would have had 24 hour monitoring. That idea was also nixed by the owner. So in essence we would have been making 3 payments 1) the mortgage on the business 2) leasing the land the business sits on and 3) our rent in a new place closer to the property. Even if the place was a gold mine ( which we had heard it is ) it still would not have been a cost effective way of spending our money.

While it would have been much easier buying a place that already had all the equipment and a good reputation,looks like we will be doing it the hard way.  It is not really that big of a deal though, at least now we are sure it is what we want to do . Now we just need to figure out the where and the when part of the whole scenario. And we are going to have an excellent artist doing all of our Logos! My sister has volunteered her artistic talents to that endeavour. It looks as though 2008 will be an entrepreneurial year for both P and myself as we set ourselves up to make the dream a reality.