Before I met Mr. Patrick I most likely would have never thought of getting a Tattoo for myself. Many people who don’t know me very well, tag me as a more conservative person, and I suppose I can’t blame them. I do look like a conservative person, even though I am not so much. Patrick has 6 tattoos and so it would stand to reason that he might convince me to get one (or two). The first one I got done was done here on Maui, the year before we actually moved here, when we came for a short vacation. For our anniversary P and I both got tribal geckos on our right ankle.

This year for Christmas Patrick got me a gift certificate for my second tattoo. We know a lady who owns her own tattoo parlor ( interestingly enough called A New Tattoo). The picture you see above is what I have chosen. I think I am going to get it on my right upper arm,  the main problem with my gecko is I can never see it, unless I kinda turn my leg sideways and look at it. I also may get it a bit larger to cover the length of my whole upper arm. The picture is that of a phoenix and I love the symbolism associated with it. Taken from the internet : ” The Phoenix is a symbol of resurrection, rebirth, spiritual growth, fire and royalty, strength and energy for life trials. It is a lunar/solar symbol and is connected to Osiris, Ra and Circe.”

 I am going to talk to our friend sometime this week. We may change up the picture a bit make it a bit more fluid. I think the  picture looks like a vogueing phoenix, but I am sure my friend can change it. I am also going to see if we can add some red, yellow and orange to the white wing feathers to resemble fire. I am actually stoked to be getting another tattoo, the only thing is I am not sure of the amount of the Certificate I got so I am not sure how much work she will be willing to do, we will see.

I will keep you posted and may even get some pics of the whole process and post them here. Who knows.