Tomorrow we head back down the hill to our own home. While I did enjoy staying at P’s cousin’s house the novelty wore off about oh…..5 days ago. Yeah its a great house and it has a great view but it isn’t MY house. Not that I am ungrateful for having the time there, but it’s like when you come home from vacation,when you enter your own house at the end of your time away a sigh of relief leaves your body. You are back among your stuff.

Yesterday was my day off and we went down to our house to do a bit of cleaning and to mow the lawn, when I went in, I realized how much I actually missed being in our house. You may call me weird if you like (I have for at least 40 years). The cousin and family will be arriving sometime tomorrow night which means that when I leave work tomorrow I will be going to our house !!!!! I can not tell you how glad that makes me, Lola can’t wait to go home either.

In other news I talked to my tattoo lady and we have our consultation meeting next Thursday the 17th, hopefully I will get my new tattoo before the end of the month. The next 3 moths at work are going to be crazy busy, which is why I want to get it done before the month is out. Plus we have a visitor coming in on February 4th and I want it to be nice and healed by the time she gets here so it can be admired properly. February 15th will mark 2 years since we had our wedding…sheeesh I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already, we still watch the video whenever we can find a reason to ( ain’t we just the cutest).

Last but not least, Patrick will be having ( hopefully) his last MRI and X-rays to try and figure out why he can’t lift his left shoulder yet(he can lift it, just not straight up in the air, nor can he shrug with that side) this Friday so we should be getting answers soon. You guys probably thought we were through all of that stuff huh?? Not quite, been a long road but we can see the end up in the distance. I will keep you posted on both the tattoo and the MRI as soon as we know more.