I love to give a nod to new benchmarks I have achieved here on LWL. To those who are interested yesterday Jan. 11, 2008 was my two year anniversary of my blog. I have surpassed the 11,000 visitors mark.I have made 212 posts, had 736 comments ( most of them by Doug…Thanks) and my best day ever was Jan. 29, 2007 with 70 hits. I think that is the day my sister found me (thanks Lorry). But more than that I have given you all a peek into my life (as well as my library). I have also taken glimpses into some of your lives from as far as the Netherlands, Canada, and the deep South really all over the continental U.S. . I feel that many of you are friends , even though we have never met. I have enjoyed the past 2 years of getting to know all of my “blogging buds”!! Here’s looking forward to what LWL will become in the coming months as I chronicle our trip back to the Mainland and more escapades in the PNW ( yeah I thought Florida but life has a funny way of changing on ya). It will be good to be an Oregonian again, I still have my umbrella and fleece jackets and such, but will have to buy I winter coat again ( Brrr) Thanks to all who come here regularly!