Cool thing #1:

It seems that I am being tattooed tomorrow !!! Someone (and I ain’t saying who but it rhymes with Hat trick and starts with a P) let the cat out of the bag that the supposed “consultation”thing is actually a “surprise get in the chair we are doing the tattoo” thing. So that’s kinda coolio, since I thought it was just going to be talking about what we were going to do, not the actual doing of it. That means I will be all healed and pretty when our friend E comes from Wisconsin in February.

Cool thing #2 :

I had my annual review yesterday at work. Out of a total of 75 possible points I received 55 (which means I am only 20 points away from being practically perfect in every way). I was told by our Executive Chef that he has me slated for a “pretty good raise” but he was reluctant to tell me how good in case the higher ups don’t agree, even though he said they would have no problem agreeing to what he asked for. He is not sure when my raise will go into effect but said that it will be retroactive back to Jan 1, 2008 (whenever I do finally receive it)!!!

Cool thing #3

Our friend from Wisconsin is coming to visit us. She is a great kid that we rescued from an abusive boyfriend. And when I say rescued I mean it, we kidnapped her from her boyfriend’s house and left him a message saying she would not be coming back. We lived in fear for a week after we kidnapped her, that he would show up at our door and do something stupid, he never did. We then adopted her and she lived with us in Portland for a bit until she had recovered enough to know she could do it on her own. Then she moved back to Wisconsin. It will be great to see her and hang out again if only for a bit.

Thus far it looks as if we are starting the year on a high note, I hope we can keep our good momentum going for at least 11 more months. 🙂