There is a story that has been playing itself out over the past few days here in Hawaii about a guy. This guy took a “casual acquaintance’s” 2 year old child and threw him over a freeway overpass,to his death. They are trying to make him a victim as well, a victim of meth addiction and mental illness. Apparently there are new studies being done that are saying crystal meth affects those with mental illnesses even more violently then a regular meth addict. The story really saddens me , but even more that that it gets me a bit angry. I have mentioned before that I have no tolerance for people who do senseless things. If you do the crime you should be held under the strictest standards of justice IMHO. Don’t make out a baby killer to be a poor blameless victim.

What saddens me even more is the fact that now they are muck raking the mothers past. Yeah maybe Children’s services had been called on her in the past. Perhaps she even had A (ONE) drug test that came back positive for crystal meth. Hers were not the arms that took a 2 year old child from his home, lead him to a freeway and threw him over the freakin’ bridge.  Let’s leave her past out of it shall we and stick to the facts of the case. A known drug addict with mental illness is the murderer, not the child’s mother. This story has made me weep for the child, for the mother and for their immediate family. The ones who are having to deal with the grief of losing a 2 year old to a senseless tragedy. The ones that will live every day for the rest of their lives wondering what great things this child could have done,could have become.You can rest assured, however, that no tears have left my eyes for the murdering bastard, why should a 2 year old have to pay the highest price payable, his life, for your sins??