Of course I do. You may wanna sit back and relax, this one is going to take a while, maybe grab a glass of wine or a beer, cup a joe, whatever your poison. I have related a few times how much Patrick and I hate.. hate.. HATE dealing with property managers. Our lease was up at the end of January, which is fine, we were not looking to move anywhere else (yet) due to P’s injuries.

At the beginning of January we got a call from BPM (bitchy property mgr), stating that the owner did not feel like she wanted to continue leasing to us, and that we needed to be out on February  1st. The reason stated is that we have been late with our rent too many times in the past three years. Now I will tell you all I do not lie, never saw the draw in it, but I know for a fact that we have been late by a day or two , maybe 4 times. Last December we were later that usual , paying on the 17th. It is kind of hard with only 1 steady income coming in. Since P’s last employer screwed him over he only gets a couple hundred dollars a month from WC. But we always managed to pay on the 1st day of the month or a few days after because the 5th was considered late ( with a $75 dollar addition).

“No worries”, we said to each other, “we don’t like dealing with this company anyway, something is sure to come up.”

And it did , about the second week in January we saw an ad for a house in Keihi (Key Hey) that sounded awfully familiar. In fact it sounded like a house a friend of ours had lived in last year. We called the number, turns out, in fact that it was the very same place, and the owner remembered us from when we were at our friend’s house once when they came by. After a few conversations we were told that we can definitely move in if we wanted it. We did, it is a 2 bed 2 bath, with a saline pool within a 5 min walk to the beach , a dog park and a movie theater. Plus there is a fire house (hot firemen) right across the street as well as a Library ( lots of books to read). Piece of cake, or so we thought, as the end of January loomed over us.

As we all know ( or should know by now) nothing that P and I have to do is ever easy. I will continue this story tomorrow, needless to say if our move was to be a piece of cake, it was maggot encrusted 7 week old Bleu cheese cake, with moldy icing. Stay tuned.