Most of this story takes place on Thursday/Friday , January31st /February1st respectively. But, to tell it properly, I need to back up a few days. Bare with me, hopefully the whole story will be worth the wait.

Tuesday Jan 29th- ** Back Story- One of the good things about the island is if people know you they will go out of their way to do stuff for you. That’s the way it is with the guy I bought my car from. As long as I am still making payments, he will fix whatever happens to it for free( and with Maui cruisers things can “happen” all the time.) End back story*** On Tuesday we had to take the car up to my guy, but, the problem seemed to be too big to fix overnight, so he gave me a loaner to drive to work and such until he can get to my car. He gave me a truck that was kinda old but it ran fine (or so we thought). We drove home without incident.

Wednesday Jan 30th – Patrick used the truck during the day to run some errands. That night I had an MRI for my ongoing back issues. As I was driving home, the truck started to decelerate of it’s own accord, then just stalled. I got it started right away but it would not go faster than 5 miles an hour, so there I was, on one of Maui’s busiest roads going 5 MPH. Finally I called Patrick and told him the problem and he got some friends of ours to come and tow me home. While towing it we almost ripped the front bumper off of the truck. It did bend out a bit but , we ran into our brick wall a few times and it went right back in, it looked as good as it ever had.

Thursday Jan 31st (Morning) – We borrowed the same friend that towed our truck’s, car to go and pick up our U-Haul. Then we had to go (almost all the way across the island, in the U-Haul racking up mileage) to get the car, that was to replace the truck, that was waiting for it’s original owner, in our yard for him to come and get.

 We get the U-haul with out further incident (other than racking up unwanted miles on the truck) until we get to our dirt driveway. Said driveway has been the recipient of an abundance of much needed rain for about the three maybe four days prior to my story. Yeah, you guessed it the U-haul got stuck in the mud, not only did it get stuck once, no that would be easy , but it got stuck 4 times. We finally got it loaded and made our way to Keihi ( Key Hey) to our new home, only to find that the guy who was supposed to be out, was not out. He was still there, in the house that was ours legally at midnight.

Sometime after midnight – Since the guy was still in our house we locked up the U-haul with a padlock, and got in the car to head back to Paia for the night. We had decided to wake up very early on Friday to get a “Jump start” on the day.

Friday February 1st -4 A.M. – We wake up (way too early for any living thing to be awake), throw some boxes in the car, and head out. We had to stop for gas and coffee on the way. Most of the trip to Keihi was uneventful, that is until we got a flat tire. Yeah, that’s correct we got A FLAT TIRE, on a car that was fine not even 20 minutes before when we stopped at the gas station. Let me tell you changing a tire is not one of my mad skillz, especially at 4 in the morning in a pitch black stretch of road. We were not on the road again until around 5-ish. By this time we were both in shock at our luck and very hungry, so we decided to eat some breakfast before going to the house. We showed up at 7, and the former tenant WAS STILL THERE. He told us that his “friends” that were supposed to help him finish cleaning and getting the last of his stuff out had stranded him with no help. We asked if we could unload the first trip (so it would not have been a complete waste of time getting up soooo early) in the spare bedroom, he agreed and we started our work in earnest.

Friday February 1st- 2:30 pm- We put the last of our items from our old house into the truck and head towards our new home, with Lola happily hanging her head out the window. We were supposed to get the U-haul back at 11:00 A.M. .

Friday 7:45 P.M. – The U-haul was cleaned out, gassed up and on the way back to it’s rightful place, and we were whooped beyond belief. After a hurried dinner, we decided not to touch anything and go straight to bed, after showering of course.

And that my dear friends is what I would call one stress-filled 4 days. The good news is that in the transporting of all of our earthly goods, not one thing was damaged. Unless you count the driveway that the U-haul mauled up remarkably well. As I finish this post on Sunday morning, the bedroom has been completely cleaned and “gussied up”. Patrick is working on the living room while I am at work today.  There are still a few boxes, that neither P or I want to touch in the trunk of the car. OH………. and our friend E comes in from Wisconsin tomorrow night.