The new house that we are in is the main house of a compound existing of our house, and 5 other smaller apartments. All surroundd by an 8 foot high Bamboo fence. I was a bit worried about how they were going to deal with us, the newbies. Not only the newbies, but the gay couple with a dog. All of my worries were gone in an instant last night. We got in late in the evening, after playing tour guide for E., we had taken her to some of our favorite spots and were a bit tired.

As we walked into the complex we noticed that a party was in full swing. We went straight up to the house after stopping to say hi to a couple we had already met. After settling in and about to watch some TV there was a knock on the door. It was one of the residents telling us we needed to “get our butts down to the party, there was way too much food and it was going to go to waste.” E was wiped out after our day, but Patrick and I decided to go down for a bit, we also let Lola come down with us .

We had a great time, turns out that one of our neighbors is Head Chef at one of the more prestigious restaurants on the island, he was doing all the cooking. Needless to say the food was excellent, meeting 6 or 7 new people was a great treat and we did not feel uncomfortable in the slightest. Everyone was very open and inviting. Of course, Lola stole the show, making quite a few new friends herself. I think this move is going to be one of the best decisions we have made. In the words of Lil Orphan Annie “I think I’m gonna like it here.”!!