…..( Over at the Frankenstein place) NO no no this post is not about RHPS ( Rocky Horror Picture Show), although it could be. Lord knows it has been a bit of a horror. We are officially coming closer to the end of Patrick’s Horrid Workman’s Comp Case. For those of you paying any attention to it, you will know that it has been on going now for over a year ( it will be 1 year 3 months on March 7th).

Finally we know what is going on with his shoulder. He has been unable to raise it higher than parallel to the ground. Turns out that he has a few torn tendons, well torn is putting it mildly, one is about 50% through, and the flap the covers the group of tendons is shredded to pieces. After a year of having a case nurse, that we never spoke to, and who was on another island, we got one now that is based here on Maui. Hell, we even got to meet with her at P’s last Dr’s visit. The bad news is he has to go to YET ANOTHER DR. this one being a shoulder specialist, on Oahu. The good news is once we see him ( P goes to see him on 3/17), we will be able to get the surgery to fix this out of the way, and get P on the road to FULL RECOVERY.

Then after the recovery period we can close this freakin monster of a WC case and get on with the rest of our lives. With a very conservative estimate, we were thinking the other day and now it does seem that getting back to Oregon will be able to happen this year. Perhaps end of Summer/ beginning of Fall seems doable. That in itself is a good thing, we have visitors scheduled to come in April, May and June, so that will help to pass the time, plus we will be able to give some good friends a bit of relaxation here with us before we go. The good thing is that all of these guests have been here before, so it wont be so much playing tour guide as it will be just hanging out relaxing with friends ! Plus they can help me take care of Patrick while he is recovering, if the surgery actually happens when we are hoping it will.

Other than that not too much is going on in our lil corner of the ocean. It is whale season right now so we have seen a few Mommas and Babies playing around. There is nothing in the world even close to seeing a mommy Humpback and her babies doing full breaches into the air. Words can not describe it, so I won’t even try. However if you would like a chance to see it for yourself get thee to Maui. The whales are here from about November through March. Then they go back home to Alaska. *** End Tourism Schpeal***

I haven’t been around very much this month but I am still out there reading and commenting some, so keep ’em coming. I will most likely post again before P goes to Oahu, but if not I will keep you all informed as best I can.