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I am almost afraid to ask….

But I am gonna ask anyway………………………… WHAT ELSE IS COMING AT US ????? This is totally a vent post. So if you don’t want to read a bunch of complaints (read whining) move along, just move along.

So last Saturday, the day before Easter I was trundling back home from work, happy that I got off early, when I turned a corner and my car lost all forward momentum. I mean it would not go anywhere, and I was just stuck part in /part out of one lane of a 2 lane road. Not. Fun. I called Patrick and one of our co-compounders let him use their car to come and help me. Let me just say this about that…..we are not car ‘mo’s. I know how to put in gas, play a CD, check the fluids and that is about it.Oh and check the tires and put air in if needed. P is no better. So, I don’t know what good it did for him to come, other than to give me a ride home. When he got there we checked to make sure all the fluids were ok, cuz ya know, well it’s one of the things I know how to do. That, and you know, if the car was out of a fluid it would just stop running until I get said fluid into it, then it would magically start right up again.

We finally had to push it into the parking lot of a condo complex for the night. We left a note on the car asking that it not be towed, we would be back on Sunday to pick it up. I do not know what we were expecting, I guess we thought that the Easter bunny would sense our plight and send the car fairies to fix it in the night. Well, as you have surmised by now the car fairies did not come, and we had no money for towing. We were left to the mercies of the condo Mgr. The car actually stayed there until Thursday afternoon. I got payed on Thursday and took 3 buses to get my check and then go to the bank and then home. Patrick, having pity on me, took up the baton then and took another bus to go meet the tow truck guy. The car is now at our house and the Condo Mgr actually called me as the tow truck was pulling in, he was going to have it towed Friday morning if it was still there.

So now we have a completely dead car sitting outside our house. We have barely enough money to pay our rent and grocery shop. Our income has become severely limited with the whole 1 income family thing. Patrick does get some money from WC but it is unreliable as to when it will come,plus it is only a small fraction of what he was actually bringing in. We have no idea what is wrong with the car, and we have people coming in on the 15th of April, for a week. Of course, we also moved further away from the airport. How we are picking them up remains to be seen, although I have a friend with a mechanic contact for me so, hopefully he can work on a payment plan, and still get it fixed before the 15th. I am seriously thinking about looking around for a used vespa/scooter to get me to and from work. The bus is fine but the last one runs at 8:30 P.M.. I have spoken to the powers that be at work and they are fine with me leaving at 8 for this next week. But if we have something here at work that makes me stay later, I get to walk home. Yeah, a walk that will take me at least an hour, after working all day. If ya’ll have any ideas what might be ailin’ ol’ Bessy please leave a comment. I have an idea it may be the transmission. I hope I am wrong , someone tell me I am wrong .  😦 


Haint nothin’ but a thing

Spooks, Poltergeists, Haints, Bogeymen, Ghosts..we got ’em , not at home but at the resort where I work. I guess it stands to reason, I mean people die in Hotels much more than the common man is made aware of. Besides, the resort I work at has at least 2 ancient Hawaiian Burial grounds on property. Not that they knew that when building, but in two different locations, while doing engineering projects, bodies have been uncovered. Both times the archaeologists have been called in and the remains have been found to be those of ancient Hawaiians. In the latest “project” at least 20 bodies were found, the resort, quite respectfully stopped the project and re-interred the bodies,apparently the Hawaiians liked to bury their ancestors in view of the ocean. They are even going to build a memorial to those they found there.

That being said, you hear stories all the time, of the transparent lady in the white gown that walks through the Spa area. Or the story of the spirits of 2 huge black dogs that run across one of our outdoor venues only to disappear halfway across. Then there is the space inside the resort that used to be a nightclub, I hate to go down there at all because there is a very distinct feeling of oppression and general unease. But, since this last project, there have been many more sightings of different ghosts. I get to hear about alot of the sightings because part of the crew I manage works graveyard hours, 10:30 pm -7 am. Of course, the unquiet spirits pull most of their shenanigans on that shift.

On more than one occasion, a spirit of an older large Hawaiian woman has been seen. She has appeared in different locations. Most of the time she just stops and stares and the living, shakes her head and walks away (and disappears at the same time). Something has changed, she is now starting to throw things at my staff telling them to go home  and to leave her alone. She doesn’t throw heavy things, it is kind of like she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Mostly she throws empty boxes and ice cubes (from ice machines). What makes dealing with these occurrences even more difficult is that fact that Hawaiians, and Fillipinos have be taught to rever the spirit world and respect the dead. So you can imagine what one of my crew did the other day when “Mabel” told him to go home. He went home, more accurately he informed his supervisor of what had happened and told her he was not going back to that area, then he went home for the night. He has been back since.

I have a hard time wrapping my brain around these occurrences. But I think  my problem lies in old Bible college rubbish still banging around in my head. See, I was taught, that when people die they go 1 of 2 places. Neither of which is the resort in which I work. And yet, most of our apparitions have been seen more than once, by more than one person. What I have learned gives me no explanation for such an occurrence. As of now I have a 75/25 % split, but I am leaning towards believing  my co-workers. I also watch Ghost Whisperer so I kinda have a grasp of earth bound spirits. As far as I know however, if that is what is going on here, there is no one here to help them to “cross over”. Where is Jennifer Love Hewitt when I need her most.

***ASIDE*** No,I have not, as of yet, seen any of the above mentioned goings on. Frankly, I do not know how I would react to seeing a spirit. Other than my belief in them going to 100% instead of 75%. I would like to think that if one of them told me to go home, I would at least finish my job, before leaving.

OK so where were we ……Oh yeah she had just left on the first night and we were breathing a sigh of relief. Until the next morning, when she showed up at 10:30 a.m. to ask Patrick if she could get a ride to an area where she was looking for a place. No big deal, P had to use the car that day anyway so I was being driven to work, we said sure. And that, my friends, is where it starts to get a little strange.

I was at work most of the day, and fairly busy so I didn’t get to talk much to P. When I did I was not happy with the conversation. He told me that the place she was looking at was “not going to work for her”. She asked him to pick up her bags from her old place, that then turned into her staying with us for a “few days” so she could “figure out what to do “. She finally, against her wishes, left yesterday morning. Yup, you read correctly almost a week and a half.  We finally got rid of her. But the road to getting rid of her was mighty stressful. Here is a list of a few things that transpired while she was “visiting”.

1) repeatedly yelling or being extremely rude to Patrick ( although when I was there she was all peaches and cream).

2) Being chauffeured all around the island, even after she was told we don’t have enough money for gas this week. And, I might add, without ever offering even once to chip in for said gas. 

3) Moving from our guest room onto our couch (we had promised our guest room to one of our neighbors for a week for out of town guests).

4) No offer of ANY type of thanks or restitution, even though she ate us out of house and home (after all she was eating for two).

5) Not leaving, even though we told her repeatedly she could not stay and she needed to be looking for a place (outside of the ONE place P took her to there was no house search). She even said that if she couldn’t stay in the house with us, she would be willing to sleep in the gazebo. We told her as nicely as we could that the gazebo was in the common area of the yard and sleeping in it would not be an option.

6) Stealing a few things. When she actually did listen to us and moved her bags into the living room, there were a few of my old Ties and some of our towels in her bag. She stowed them were she thought we wouldn’t see them but we did. 

The list could be longer but I am sure you get the idea of how it all went down. I had told a few people at work about it all and had 3 friends that were ready to come and get her out for us. We even had one friend that point blank asked her “So….don’t you have any friends you could be staying with?” Her reply was ” Oh no, my plan is to rent out one of the smaller places, I heard through Patrick that one of the girls is leaving soon.”

Uhmmmmmmmmm…………yeah, the girl in question that is leaving is not leaving until June, the end of June if I remember correctly. I have no idea what she was planning to do until the end of June …oh wait yes I do. I think she was planning to mooch off of us for almost 2 and a half more months, all the while making excuses for not finding a place of her own.

Things came to a head yesterday morning while I was getting ready to go to work(which is why I didn’t finish this story yesterday, I was busy all day ). The landlord called P and told him we had had a few complaints about her being in our place. Anyway, long story short (too late I know)  we were threatened with eviction, she was threatened with the police so she started yelling at P again after the phone call, which I quickly nipped in the bud. Poor Patrick had to drive me to work while she was packing and then deal with her for a few more hours until he had finally had enough, and had driven her all the way to the other side of the island (from the South side all the way to the extreme West side). During the drive they had a WWF Smackdown of an argument in which P was called a loser, pathetic and an eternal victim.That He would be “Lost without Scott”. None of which I find to be true, in fact it strikes me as if she was referring to herself(except for the lost without Scott part) . Anyway, she is gone, our house is once again our home. Patrick has promised no more gypsies. I know that he will try his best but, I also know who he is, who we are, and no doubt we will do it again. Hopefully it won’t be for a very long time.  And hopefully our next gypsy will be at least a bit appreciative of our efforts.

*** UPDATE ***  I was just getting the last of the story from Patrick. Apparently as the girl was leaving the car (Yes she did slam the door) Patrick yelled to her  ” I hope you enjoy the ties and hand towels and God knows what else you stole from us ya freaking tramp!!!!” ( freaking tramp is an edit what he really said was much worse). Then he squealed the tires a bit as he sped off. Ya gotta love my Patrick ..I tell ya.  🙂 I got him flowers from work last night to celebrate our Liberation Day.


We collect them. Not so much animals, but strays of the human variety. I am not sure if they enjoy being called strays,but I am not sure of a better word to use. Plus we would never call them that to their face, and to us the word has no negative connotation. They are people that are displaced that need to be nurtured, and both P and myself have a surplus of the whole nurturing spirit. The problem comes in when the strays ( lets change it to gypsies) when the gypsies are not notably grateful. Not that we are doing what we do for them to gain a pat on the back or special kudos. We do it because that’s what we do, part of who we are.

I know this to be true, due to the fact that we have been burnt by 3 of our gypsies, and yet ……we keep on doing it. So it is either a part of who we are , or we are just suckers for punishment. And, for the most part, we have gained great friends through adopting our gypsies. As I said there are only 3 that leave a bad taste in our mouths and in our 7 years together we have picked up at least 6 or 7 . This latest one though really takes the cake. I am really in a quandary about what to do. Let me see if I can explain my situation.

This particular story begins about one week ago. I was at work and P was just hanging out at home putting some finishing touches on our patio. I called to see what was going on at the homestead. Patrick said nothing was going on, that he was just talking to a lady he “picked up on the street”. During the course of the evening I called him a few more times and there were repeated parts of the conversation with said woman. Now, in my mind, I thought that he was joking around, that he could not have possibly just “picked up a woman on the street”. I actually thought that one of our friends from the other side of the island had come to pay a visit and they were trying to “punk” me. I laughed every time I spoke to P during the night, comforted by the thought that the visitor was a friend. Comforted, that is, until I got home at around 11:30 pm, and saw a strange woman sitting on the patio chatting with Patrick. What was even more surprising was when the woman got up to greet me I saw that she was startlingly pregnant. By startlingly, I mean is due to give birth on the 21st of March. 

Later, after she had left for the night, I got the full story. Apparently P had taken Lola to go potty, while walking he was in deep conversation with Lola ( we do that …talk to our dog as if she was a human).  That one thing( talking to Lola) turned out to be the magnet. While P was talking a lady walked up to him and commented on how cute she thought it was that he was talking to Lola as they walked. P replied that it was not unusual and he does it all the time. The conversation turned to the gypsy asking Patrick if he knew of any place on our street that was for rent. She had had a place lined up but it had fallen through due to the guy she was going to rent from having an “emergency ” on the mainland. Remember, girl is pregnant. P then said that we had just moved into the neighborhood a week ago and had not heard or seen anything around that was being rented. The lady asked where we had rented and Patrick told her. She asked him if she could look at the compound because “she had always wondered what was behind that big bamboo fence”. She left that first night and we both breathed a sigh of relief, she stayed until about 1:30 am and we were not sure she was going to leave. Unfortunately our sigh of relief was to turn into a scream of frustration. Tune in tomorrow for …..the rest of the story.