Spooks, Poltergeists, Haints, Bogeymen, Ghosts..we got ’em , not at home but at the resort where I work. I guess it stands to reason, I mean people die in Hotels much more than the common man is made aware of. Besides, the resort I work at has at least 2 ancient Hawaiian Burial grounds on property. Not that they knew that when building, but in two different locations, while doing engineering projects, bodies have been uncovered. Both times the archaeologists have been called in and the remains have been found to be those of ancient Hawaiians. In the latest “project” at least 20 bodies were found, the resort, quite respectfully stopped the project and re-interred the bodies,apparently the Hawaiians liked to bury their ancestors in view of the ocean. They are even going to build a memorial to those they found there.

That being said, you hear stories all the time, of the transparent lady in the white gown that walks through the Spa area. Or the story of the spirits of 2 huge black dogs that run across one of our outdoor venues only to disappear halfway across. Then there is the space inside the resort that used to be a nightclub, I hate to go down there at all because there is a very distinct feeling of oppression and general unease. But, since this last project, there have been many more sightings of different ghosts. I get to hear about alot of the sightings because part of the crew I manage works graveyard hours, 10:30 pm -7 am. Of course, the unquiet spirits pull most of their shenanigans on that shift.

On more than one occasion, a spirit of an older large Hawaiian woman has been seen. She has appeared in different locations. Most of the time she just stops and stares and the living, shakes her head and walks away (and disappears at the same time). Something has changed, she is now starting to throw things at my staff telling them to go home  and to leave her alone. She doesn’t throw heavy things, it is kind of like she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Mostly she throws empty boxes and ice cubes (from ice machines). What makes dealing with these occurrences even more difficult is that fact that Hawaiians, and Fillipinos have be taught to rever the spirit world and respect the dead. So you can imagine what one of my crew did the other day when “Mabel” told him to go home. He went home, more accurately he informed his supervisor of what had happened and told her he was not going back to that area, then he went home for the night. He has been back since.

I have a hard time wrapping my brain around these occurrences. But I think  my problem lies in old Bible college rubbish still banging around in my head. See, I was taught, that when people die they go 1 of 2 places. Neither of which is the resort in which I work. And yet, most of our apparitions have been seen more than once, by more than one person. What I have learned gives me no explanation for such an occurrence. As of now I have a 75/25 % split, but I am leaning towards believing  my co-workers. I also watch Ghost Whisperer so I kinda have a grasp of earth bound spirits. As far as I know however, if that is what is going on here, there is no one here to help them to “cross over”. Where is Jennifer Love Hewitt when I need her most.

***ASIDE*** No,I have not, as of yet, seen any of the above mentioned goings on. Frankly, I do not know how I would react to seeing a spirit. Other than my belief in them going to 100% instead of 75%. I would like to think that if one of them told me to go home, I would at least finish my job, before leaving.