But I am gonna ask anyway………………………… WHAT ELSE IS COMING AT US ????? This is totally a vent post. So if you don’t want to read a bunch of complaints (read whining) move along, just move along.

So last Saturday, the day before Easter I was trundling back home from work, happy that I got off early, when I turned a corner and my car lost all forward momentum. I mean it would not go anywhere, and I was just stuck part in /part out of one lane of a 2 lane road. Not. Fun. I called Patrick and one of our co-compounders let him use their car to come and help me. Let me just say this about that…..we are not car ‘mo’s. I know how to put in gas, play a CD, check the fluids and that is about it.Oh and check the tires and put air in if needed. P is no better. So, I don’t know what good it did for him to come, other than to give me a ride home. When he got there we checked to make sure all the fluids were ok, cuz ya know, well it’s one of the things I know how to do. That, and you know, if the car was out of a fluid it would just stop running until I get said fluid into it, then it would magically start right up again.

We finally had to push it into the parking lot of a condo complex for the night. We left a note on the car asking that it not be towed, we would be back on Sunday to pick it up. I do not know what we were expecting, I guess we thought that the Easter bunny would sense our plight and send the car fairies to fix it in the night. Well, as you have surmised by now the car fairies did not come, and we had no money for towing. We were left to the mercies of the condo Mgr. The car actually stayed there until Thursday afternoon. I got payed on Thursday and took 3 buses to get my check and then go to the bank and then home. Patrick, having pity on me, took up the baton then and took another bus to go meet the tow truck guy. The car is now at our house and the Condo Mgr actually called me as the tow truck was pulling in, he was going to have it towed Friday morning if it was still there.

So now we have a completely dead car sitting outside our house. We have barely enough money to pay our rent and grocery shop. Our income has become severely limited with the whole 1 income family thing. Patrick does get some money from WC but it is unreliable as to when it will come,plus it is only a small fraction of what he was actually bringing in. We have no idea what is wrong with the car, and we have people coming in on the 15th of April, for a week. Of course, we also moved further away from the airport. How we are picking them up remains to be seen, although I have a friend with a mechanic contact for me so, hopefully he can work on a payment plan, and still get it fixed before the 15th. I am seriously thinking about looking around for a used vespa/scooter to get me to and from work. The bus is fine but the last one runs at 8:30 P.M.. I have spoken to the powers that be at work and they are fine with me leaving at 8 for this next week. But if we have something here at work that makes me stay later, I get to walk home. Yeah, a walk that will take me at least an hour, after working all day. If ya’ll have any ideas what might be ailin’ ol’ Bessy please leave a comment. I have an idea it may be the transmission. I hope I am wrong , someone tell me I am wrong .  😦