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Build a bridge and get over it

I suppose I could have put this in my “100 things about me page”,I didn’t think of it at the time. The stress of thinking about 100 things about me was too high. I love bridges. I have lived around some sort of bridge for as long as I can remember. When we were little, our mother used to walk us to one of our Aunts, and on that walk we had to cross a steel grate bridge. I used to be terrified of that one because I was little and thought we could fall through the grates to our untimely death.

Then we moved to Alabama,since we lived outside of Huntsville we would have to traverse these bridges on a regular basis to “get to town”.                                                                                                             


Later after spending many of my childhood years crossing these bridges I moved to San Jose, Ca. To be only a 45 minute ride to perhaps one of the most Famous Bridges in the world .


I had the good fortune of being close friends with an artist while I lived in SJ. She painted me a oil canvas painting of a photo I took of the Golden Gate Bridge, the first time I ever saw it and walked across it. It is one of the first pictures I hang when I move to a new home.

Then after my 7 year sojourn in California I moved to the lovely city of Portland, Oregon. Portland is the city of many things, great public transportation, close to Mt.Hood and the home of one of the most beautiful rose gardens I have ever seen. Yeah it rains in the PNW, and it gets cold, Fall and Winter are sometimes miserable there, but it is also home to 7 bridges( Name them ?? I sure Can ; Ross Island bridge,Hawthorne bridge,Burnside bridge,Morrison bridge,Steel bridge,Broadway bridge and the Fremont bridge) ( 8 if you count the Marquam bridge, which I don’t) that connect NE and NW Portland to it counterparts SE and SW. From our first apartment together ( Patrick and I), we could see from SE across the River to the NE area, which, gave us a excellent view of not only most of the downtown city scape, but also 3 of the bridges I grew to love.

I could stare at the bridges in Portland for hours just sitting in their waterfront park. Because I had moved there right after my first meaningful break up many hours were spent in the park, contemplating life and watching the river and it’s bridges.

 Needless to say there are not that many bridges here on Maui, I never thought I would miss them as much as I do, but I do. Just one more reason I am ready to move back to the PNW. For 6 years they were part of everyday of my life in some form or fashion, just as the bridges that span the Tennessee River back in ‘Bama were a big part of growing up. They became companions, they gave me comfort and a sense of familiarity, a sense of place if you will. Not that I am in a hurry anymore to move away from Paradise, because I am not. However, when the times comes, and we are back in Portland, it will be good to see her many bridges. To know that they will become integral parts of my life once again. It will be nice to go and sit in the park, gaze over the river and say ” Hello old friends, it’s good to see you all again.”  I know they will take no notice of me, after all, they are just concrete, steel and cable, but I will take notice of them, and be happy to do so.


A peek inside my DVR*

*DVR = Digital Video recorder. Similar to a TIVO but comes in a package with digital cable.

I figure that as enthralled as ya’ll are with my “peek into my Library” posts I would give you a more rounded picture of how we spend our leisure time. Unfortunately, Patrick will not let me spend all of my days off just reading, so some time has to be spent watching “our shows” with him.

So in my DVR line-up I have the following shows ( in no particular order)

AI – Otherwise known as American Idol- I really screwed up this week and gave Brooke White pity votes and my girl Carly Smithson was sent packin’. I feel bad for her( Carly). I really thought she could have gone at least to the top three. However since I voted for Brooke instead of Carly I single handedly gave her her ticket home . 😦

New Amsterdam – An 400 year old Immortal Cop who is destined to live forever unless he finds ” the one” the girl who will make him a mortal. Along the way he puts away the bad guys.

Cold Case- I LOVE this show except I think they actually do have some sun in Philadelphia. You couldn’t tell though with how pasty white, one of the lead actors (Lily) is. Police precinct some detective are in the cold case unit and solve old unsolved murder cases.

Eli Stone- A lawyer with an brain aneurysm has visions ( complete with some musical numbers, and George Michael). They lead him to take certain cases ( or not) . His Acupuncturist thinks he is a Prophet. His brother (a Dr. who actually found the aneurysm) thinks the visions come from the aneurysm. Seriously this shows last three episodes including the season finale had me a bit misty.

Jericho- post apocalyptic series where the U.S was nuked. survivors live in a small Kansas town called Jericho. They uncover the secret that we nuked ourselves ( well a faction did)  this season ended with the country divided East and West of the Mississippi east was D.C based government ruled ,west was ruled from a city  I can’t remember in the West. And the secret that Jericho knew made it to Texas!

Big Brother 9 enough said I love this reality show and have watched every season. 

Criminal Minds -an FBI behavioural science team goes and profiles and catches killers all over the U.S

Medium- A physic in Arizona helps the towns DA find and catch criminals.

So now you know a little more of how we spend our time. And a bit more about what I do on my days off when I am not reading, cleaning or doing various and sundry other chores. Let me know if anyone else likes these shows !!! .

Just another Manic Monday

Vacation is over. By the time I get home from work today the girls will be winging their way back to PDX ( that’s the airport code for Portland, Or. )( am I nifty or what?). We had a great time with the girls, although there were a few moments of stress, all in all I would call it a good vacation,if you can call 6 days a real vacation. How many times can I use the word vacation in this first paragraph? When I get home the house will be relatively quiet and back to the norm. I always hate it when visitors leave, because stress or no stress it is always good to see old friends, when they leave the quiet can be unsettling.

Overall, I think the girls enjoyed themselves. Aside from a hit and run and some nasty pizza, I think they had fun. We went to Lahaina for a day, spent a night at my resort and played in the pools. We also spent the better part of a day in Iao Valley( EE – Ow) , which is a gorgeous area of Maui up in the West Maui Mountains ( pictures to follow soon ). The remainder of our days were spent at home in the pool, and the girls went to the beach a couple of times, but it was windy and they didn’t stay long. The weather could have cooperated a bit more, we had a bunch of cloudy days.  

 On a more upbeat note , knowing I was going on Vacation I decided to purchase a new book/project to read. I say book/project because it really is gonna be a big investment of my time. The first book The Pillars of the Earth is 973 pages and it’s sequel World without Endi is over 1020 pages. So far, over my 6 days, I have gotten into 347 pages in and am loving it. It is way more involved than just the building of a Cathedral that’s for sure. And even though it was on Oprah’s Book club list, that’s not why I got it. It was recommended to me from a friend at, yes my home away from WordPress. The best part of all of this is I just had my 6 days off, came back to work for 2 days and now I am off again for 2 more days. YAY me !!!!! Hopefully I will be doing nothing other than sitting by the pool taking some more chunks out of Pillars of the Earth, we shall see.

Three hours until I am on my 6 days of R&R. Our friends S and her daughter get here tomorrow. So tonight is getting the spare room “guest ready” night , but after that, 6 days of no pressing plans and not really having to do anything !!!!! That’s the great thing about visitors that have been here before 9 times out of 10 they just wanna veg at the beach. No tour guide playing this time around. We do have a day over on the west side planned , since we haven’t even been over there in a coon’s age.

Last night we hung out at the commune and had dinner with two of our co-inhabitants, they are a younger couple but alot of fun to hang out with, and an enjoyable time was had by all. C (the boy half of the couple) is a Sous Chef at one of the better restaurants on the island, we supplied the meat and he cooked !!! Can’t beat that, we had Pork chop steaks, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Zucchini…..DELISH THANKS C!!!!

One thing I do plan on doing while I am off is getting our home Computer fixed so I might actually have pics of the Vaca (YAY) to post on here. I will do my very best to accomplish that task. Anyway ya’ll be good till later .


A Lesson in Social Studies

You would think (or at least I would) that on an small island in the Pacific Ocean people would be , more or less the same. If you are like me, and you actually thought that, let me tell you now you ( I/we) are wrong. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked as there are as many different types of people as there are colors in a skittles bag, hmm maybe even more. It just is amazing to me how much the aura or essence of a place can change in a mere area of single digit miles.

When we lived Upcountry , which as I have stated before on this blog is living further up the volcano ( dormant of course), or further away from sea level. Please note that this post is is sweeping generalities ( which I normally hate to use, but if I didn’t this post would be very confusing). The people of upcountry have a certain pride about being from Upcountry, maybe because they think they are closer to the gods , or because they have the gonads to live on the side of a dormant (but still), a volcano). There you may be lucky if you speak to the people located in the homes next to you but, if you were at the beach in a upcountry logo-ed hat , let’s say, they would feel the need to come and speak to you letting you know they too were upcountry folk.

Next we go to the North Shore where we lived in the lil hippy berg of Paia. In Paia ( it being a hippy berg) you knew all of your neighbors , and they knew you, and they would introduce you to their neighbors and then you would all buy food as a group, BBQ at one of your homes, then go to the beach for a bit to watch sunset. If someone in Paia had something that another Paia dweller needed, it would broadcast over the hippynet and within a few days whatever was needed would be there for you.

Now stay with me as we traverse the island and touch briefly on the south shore. Where we live now. Also where alot, if not all of the hotels and resorts are located. We also have alot of hotels and resorts on the west side but since I have never lived there we will not study the west side dwellers. If we did I can only assume they would be much like the south shore dwellers due to the amount of tourists per capita. For every “local “(for the purpose of this post “local” means those who live on Maui not those who were actually born here), you will find at least 15-20 tourists depending on the area and the month. I think it is kind of interesting , it makes our neighbor hood very festive but the festive folk can be stupid as well, and drunk. No one in our town of Kihei actually knows their neighbors, or if they do they don’t speak of it. No one , that is except the dog owners, or those that live in commune situations like we do . Even those that fall into the dog owner category are odd, because of all the dogs Lola has met at the dog park, I can name most of the dogs but none of the owners. I mean it’s weird because we all talk to each other as the doggies cavort and play and frolic. I can tell you the breeds and ages of some of the dogs as well, but the owner’s names ? Not so much. Only in reference to their dogs as in ” Oh there goes Hana Girl’s Mom and Dad” ( Hana Girl of course being a really cute 3 year old lab/something mix).

The commune thing is self explanatory. We see each other every day therefore we have to kind of get along. NO , I kid , with the exception of a couple of people we like our commune. Anyway, these are just some things that have been bouncing around in my head of late. I guess it is a good thing that we have all these different types of groups trying as best we can to all get along. And I think to myself What a wonderful world .     🙂

Boot Scooter Boogie!!

Well we did it , we went out and got our scooters last week and we are having a blast !!!!! This is what mine looks like . They only go around 30/40 MPH but OOO the fun you have getting there. Another positive thing is that it only takes $2.73 to fiil my tank for the week, and that’s in Premium gasoline my friends. My Mom was a lil freaked out whan I told her considering my brother died on a bike but I told her, my drive is on a 2 lane road where the speed limit is 20mph all the way to work. It set her mind at ease a bit. Just thought I would put up a post and let you know what was going on and that really is about all at this point.

We have a friend coming in from Portland again next week and she and her daughter will be with us for a week. The great part about that is they have both been here before and we will not have to play tour guide as much as just hang out with good friends, I actually took off from work the week they are here to spend time with them. And that’s about all thast is goin’ on in the wonderful world of Patrick, Scott & Lola.