Well we did it , we went out and got our scooters last week and we are having a blast !!!!! This is what mine looks like . They only go around 30/40 MPH but OOO the fun you have getting there. Another positive thing is that it only takes $2.73 to fiil my tank for the week, and that’s in Premium gasoline my friends. My Mom was a lil freaked out whan I told her considering my brother died on a bike but I told her, my drive is on a 2 lane road where the speed limit is 20mph all the way to work. It set her mind at ease a bit. Just thought I would put up a post and let you know what was going on and that really is about all at this point.

We have a friend coming in from Portland again next week and she and her daughter will be with us for a week. The great part about that is they have both been here before and we will not have to play tour guide as much as just hang out with good friends, I actually took off from work the week they are here to spend time with them. And that’s about all thast is goin’ on in the wonderful world of Patrick, Scott & Lola.