Vacation is over. By the time I get home from work today the girls will be winging their way back to PDX ( that’s the airport code for Portland, Or. )( am I nifty or what?). We had a great time with the girls, although there were a few moments of stress, all in all I would call it a good vacation,if you can call 6 days a real vacation. How many times can I use the word vacation in this first paragraph? When I get home the house will be relatively quiet and back to the norm. I always hate it when visitors leave, because stress or no stress it is always good to see old friends, when they leave the quiet can be unsettling.

Overall, I think the girls enjoyed themselves. Aside from a hit and run and some nasty pizza, I think they had fun. We went to Lahaina for a day, spent a night at my resort and played in the pools. We also spent the better part of a day in Iao Valley( EE – Ow) , which is a gorgeous area of Maui up in the West Maui Mountains ( pictures to follow soon ). The remainder of our days were spent at home in the pool, and the girls went to the beach a couple of times, but it was windy and they didn’t stay long. The weather could have cooperated a bit more, we had a bunch of cloudy days.  

 On a more upbeat note , knowing I was going on Vacation I decided to purchase a new book/project to read. I say book/project because it really is gonna be a big investment of my time. The first book The Pillars of the Earth is 973 pages and it’s sequel World without Endi is over 1020 pages. So far, over my 6 days, I have gotten into 347 pages in and am loving it. It is way more involved than just the building of a Cathedral that’s for sure. And even though it was on Oprah’s Book club list, that’s not why I got it. It was recommended to me from a friend at, yes my home away from WordPress. The best part of all of this is I just had my 6 days off, came back to work for 2 days and now I am off again for 2 more days. YAY me !!!!! Hopefully I will be doing nothing other than sitting by the pool taking some more chunks out of Pillars of the Earth, we shall see.