*DVR = Digital Video recorder. Similar to a TIVO but comes in a package with digital cable.

I figure that as enthralled as ya’ll are with my “peek into my Library” posts I would give you a more rounded picture of how we spend our leisure time. Unfortunately, Patrick will not let me spend all of my days off just reading, so some time has to be spent watching “our shows” with him.

So in my DVR line-up I have the following shows ( in no particular order)

AI – Otherwise known as American Idol- I really screwed up this week and gave Brooke White pity votes and my girl Carly Smithson was sent packin’. I feel bad for her( Carly). I really thought she could have gone at least to the top three. However since I voted for Brooke instead of Carly I single handedly gave her her ticket home . 😦

New Amsterdam – An 400 year old Immortal Cop who is destined to live forever unless he finds ” the one” the girl who will make him a mortal. Along the way he puts away the bad guys.

Cold Case- I LOVE this show except I think they actually do have some sun in Philadelphia. You couldn’t tell though with how pasty white, one of the lead actors (Lily) is. Police precinct some detective are in the cold case unit and solve old unsolved murder cases.

Eli Stone- A lawyer with an brain aneurysm has visions ( complete with some musical numbers, and George Michael). They lead him to take certain cases ( or not) . His Acupuncturist thinks he is a Prophet. His brother (a Dr. who actually found the aneurysm) thinks the visions come from the aneurysm. Seriously this shows last three episodes including the season finale had me a bit misty.

Jericho- post apocalyptic series where the U.S was nuked. survivors live in a small Kansas town called Jericho. They uncover the secret that we nuked ourselves ( well a faction did)  this season ended with the country divided East and West of the Mississippi east was D.C based government ruled ,west was ruled from a city  I can’t remember in the West. And the secret that Jericho knew made it to Texas!

Big Brother 9 enough said I love this reality show and have watched every season. 

Criminal Minds -an FBI behavioural science team goes and profiles and catches killers all over the U.S

Medium- A physic in Arizona helps the towns DA find and catch criminals.

So now you know a little more of how we spend our time. And a bit more about what I do on my days off when I am not reading, cleaning or doing various and sundry other chores. Let me know if anyone else likes these shows !!! .