I suppose I could have put this in my “100 things about me page”,I didn’t think of it at the time. The stress of thinking about 100 things about me was too high. I love bridges. I have lived around some sort of bridge for as long as I can remember. When we were little, our mother used to walk us to one of our Aunts, and on that walk we had to cross a steel grate bridge. I used to be terrified of that one because I was little and thought we could fall through the grates to our untimely death.

Then we moved to Alabama,since we lived outside of Huntsville we would have to traverse these bridges on a regular basis to “get to town”.                                                                                                             


Later after spending many of my childhood years crossing these bridges I moved to San Jose, Ca. To be only a 45 minute ride to perhaps one of the most Famous Bridges in the world .


I had the good fortune of being close friends with an artist while I lived in SJ. She painted me a oil canvas painting of a photo I took of the Golden Gate Bridge, the first time I ever saw it and walked across it. It is one of the first pictures I hang when I move to a new home.

Then after my 7 year sojourn in California I moved to the lovely city of Portland, Oregon. Portland is the city of many things, great public transportation, close to Mt.Hood and the home of one of the most beautiful rose gardens I have ever seen. Yeah it rains in the PNW, and it gets cold, Fall and Winter are sometimes miserable there, but it is also home to 7 bridges( Name them ?? I sure Can ; Ross Island bridge,Hawthorne bridge,Burnside bridge,Morrison bridge,Steel bridge,Broadway bridge and the Fremont bridge) ( 8 if you count the Marquam bridge, which I don’t) that connect NE and NW Portland to it counterparts SE and SW. From our first apartment together ( Patrick and I), we could see from SE across the River to the NE area, which, gave us a excellent view of not only most of the downtown city scape, but also 3 of the bridges I grew to love.

I could stare at the bridges in Portland for hours just sitting in their waterfront park. Because I had moved there right after my first meaningful break up many hours were spent in the park, contemplating life and watching the river and it’s bridges.

 Needless to say there are not that many bridges here on Maui, I never thought I would miss them as much as I do, but I do. Just one more reason I am ready to move back to the PNW. For 6 years they were part of everyday of my life in some form or fashion, just as the bridges that span the Tennessee River back in ‘Bama were a big part of growing up. They became companions, they gave me comfort and a sense of familiarity, a sense of place if you will. Not that I am in a hurry anymore to move away from Paradise, because I am not. However, when the times comes, and we are back in Portland, it will be good to see her many bridges. To know that they will become integral parts of my life once again. It will be nice to go and sit in the park, gaze over the river and say ” Hello old friends, it’s good to see you all again.”  I know they will take no notice of me, after all, they are just concrete, steel and cable, but I will take notice of them, and be happy to do so.