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Time it is a flyin’

Where has this year gone ? I mean really, do ya’ll realize that in just 2 days, we will be 6 months into ’08? Six months, that’s half of the year. Walmart and Long’s will have their holiday decorations out before you know it (note my use of pc- ness by not calling them Christmas decorations).

Not much going on at this point, well a few things. Patrick has an appt. with his surgeon on Thursday so we should know then when the surgery will be. That is the major thing, because as soon as he heals we can move on with our life. The surgeon said by looking at the MRI he should have a relatively quick recovery period. He will have to have his arm immobilized for about 6 weeks, then he can start PT.

On another note me and my old thesbian friends have started group chatting with the Yahoo messenger, we have been having a great time getting reaquainted. It’s so funny how, with some people you know, you can not talk to them for years but when you finally do it’s like you just talked to them yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, Patrick got an ipod. We came home from some errands and on our porch was an UPS envelope with another Costco gift card (from Patrick’s dad). We are now officially in the 21st century, and although we only got 1, I can perhaps see myself getting one in the near future. We got him an ipod Nano, due to the fact that while he is in his recovery stage it will be quite boring for him.

 Work for me is winding down for the season with only one more big group the first week of June. Seems like everything is falling into place. With it being slow at work, I will get to take some time off after the surgery, to help Patrick, as he enters the healing stage of his saga.

The scooters have proven to be the best idea we have ever had, IMHO. With gas prices rocketing closer to $5.00 per gallon here. It helps when you can fill your tank with premium gas for 5 bucks and run with that for about 15 days ….I’m just sayin’. 


At times I get so aggravated dealing with people who don’t know , or worse yet don’t care how tough it is being gay. Especially went the people you fight with the hardest to see your point, are family members. I have a sister that I rarely hear from unless it is to send me an email chain ( angel babies, stupid jokes , send this to 4 people and something good will happen that kind of stuff) I got the chance to speak to her over the Mother’s day weekend. She started to yell at me for never replying to any of her emails , none of which and any personal stuff from her end on how she is doing etc etc. I felt like telling her to “send me something with some content and then maybe I would reply”. But, I didn’t she is my sister after all and it was Mothers Day, I let it slide. 

I let it slide until yesterday, when she sent me an email talking about the evil democrats and how both of their candidates support Gay marriage ( among other things). I knew I had to speak up or deal with this kind of stuff from her all the time . It seems that she has forgotten that I am a Gay man. So I sent her an email, (and got a lil heated) about the whole Gay marriage thing . I asked her how she thought that I would not be in support of gay marriage considering the fact that I am a gay man and all. I told her about how when I was in the Hospital and seriously, could have died from blood clots in my artery. And how poor Patrick had a fight on his hands, whenever he tried to see me, with nurses etc because he was not Family. I guess the biggest thing for me is it just hurts that she would not want better than that for a sibling. If she even thinks about all that I ( we ) am( are)  denied, just because of who we sleep with and love. How we have to live like we have done something wrong ,or there is something wrong with us . I have not received a reply from my sister. I most likely will not, she is probably mad at me for speaking up in my own behalf. Sorry, I just can’t stay quiet about it anymore.

My own mom , whom I love dearly still won’t even watch my wedding DVD. Things like this usually, don’t bother me. I do ( kinda) understand where she is coming from, and I respect her wishes about my ” being Gay”. She says that she loves to hear about our life (mine and Patrick’s) but there is a line she will not cross. I thought it would be different with sisters but I suppose I was wrong. Granted I am lucky enough to have gotten through to one sister ( Love ya Lorry) but I am just at a loss as to what needs to be done next. Maybe nothing, we shall see……..

Congratulations are in Order

Tomorrow May 22,2008 not 1 but 2 of my nephews will officially be proud members of the Army Military Police Force. Say what you will about the military or this administrations blatant misuse thereof. But it takes brass gazoongas ( I think ) to join the military, at this point in time .  

This is not a political post, it is a post about an uncle who loves and is very proud of 2 young men who are doing what they think, is the right path for them. Go get ’em D&A !!

Friends of course , is what I am speaking of. You guys remember that song , don’t you? From like a Sunday School or nursery school or from some where when we were all young and innocent. If you don’t remember , the words are :

Make new friends,

Make new friends, But keep the old. One is silver , the other gold .

I bet you all remember now huh?

Anyway I have been getting reaquainted with some old friends of late. You might recall how a couple of years ago I had “re-found” 3 of my old friends from theater days in College. We have stayed in touch emailing and such and, thanks largely to one of them “J” we have found almost all of our old group. I am telling ya she is really good at this finding lost people stuff!! So we have found each others Facebook pages and so forth and are having fun seeing what’s has been going on in each others lives. It is exciting each time I get another email from that thread , because I know ‘J” has worked her magic and another Lost sheep has been found. This has not been set in concrete but there is talk of a reunion sometime in the future. The one bad thing about all of this is that there are pictures ya’ll…..and I am talking pictures that do not catch me in the most flattering of lights. I may have mentioned that I was a geek when I was younger. Yeah …these pictures prove that point to a T. Seriously, pictures or no, I am glad to have the chance I have to get reaquainted with folk who mean so much to me and are on my mind often.