Friends of course , is what I am speaking of. You guys remember that song , don’t you? From like a Sunday School or nursery school or from some where when we were all young and innocent. If you don’t remember , the words are :

Make new friends,

Make new friends, But keep the old. One is silver , the other gold .

I bet you all remember now huh?

Anyway I have been getting reaquainted with some old friends of late. You might recall how a couple of years ago I had “re-found” 3 of my old friends from theater days in College. We have stayed in touch emailing and such and, thanks largely to one of them “J” we have found almost all of our old group. I am telling ya she is really good at this finding lost people stuff!! So we have found each others Facebook pages and so forth and are having fun seeing what’s has been going on in each others lives. It is exciting each time I get another email from that thread , because I know ‘J” has worked her magic and another Lost sheep has been found. This has not been set in concrete but there is talk of a reunion sometime in the future. The one bad thing about all of this is that there are pictures ya’ll…..and I am talking pictures that do not catch me in the most flattering of lights. I may have mentioned that I was a geek when I was younger. Yeah …these pictures prove that point to a T. Seriously, pictures or no, I am glad to have the chance I have to get reaquainted with folk who mean so much to me and are on my mind often.