At times I get so aggravated dealing with people who don’t know , or worse yet don’t care how tough it is being gay. Especially went the people you fight with the hardest to see your point, are family members. I have a sister that I rarely hear from unless it is to send me an email chain ( angel babies, stupid jokes , send this to 4 people and something good will happen that kind of stuff) I got the chance to speak to her over the Mother’s day weekend. She started to yell at me for never replying to any of her emails , none of which and any personal stuff from her end on how she is doing etc etc. I felt like telling her to “send me something with some content and then maybe I would reply”. But, I didn’t she is my sister after all and it was Mothers Day, I let it slide. 

I let it slide until yesterday, when she sent me an email talking about the evil democrats and how both of their candidates support Gay marriage ( among other things). I knew I had to speak up or deal with this kind of stuff from her all the time . It seems that she has forgotten that I am a Gay man. So I sent her an email, (and got a lil heated) about the whole Gay marriage thing . I asked her how she thought that I would not be in support of gay marriage considering the fact that I am a gay man and all. I told her about how when I was in the Hospital and seriously, could have died from blood clots in my artery. And how poor Patrick had a fight on his hands, whenever he tried to see me, with nurses etc because he was not Family. I guess the biggest thing for me is it just hurts that she would not want better than that for a sibling. If she even thinks about all that I ( we ) am( are)  denied, just because of who we sleep with and love. How we have to live like we have done something wrong ,or there is something wrong with us . I have not received a reply from my sister. I most likely will not, she is probably mad at me for speaking up in my own behalf. Sorry, I just can’t stay quiet about it anymore.

My own mom , whom I love dearly still won’t even watch my wedding DVD. Things like this usually, don’t bother me. I do ( kinda) understand where she is coming from, and I respect her wishes about my ” being Gay”. She says that she loves to hear about our life (mine and Patrick’s) but there is a line she will not cross. I thought it would be different with sisters but I suppose I was wrong. Granted I am lucky enough to have gotten through to one sister ( Love ya Lorry) but I am just at a loss as to what needs to be done next. Maybe nothing, we shall see……..