Where has this year gone ? I mean really, do ya’ll realize that in just 2 days, we will be 6 months into ’08? Six months, that’s half of the year. Walmart and Long’s will have their holiday decorations out before you know it (note my use of pc- ness by not calling them Christmas decorations).

Not much going on at this point, well a few things. Patrick has an appt. with his surgeon on Thursday so we should know then when the surgery will be. That is the major thing, because as soon as he heals we can move on with our life. The surgeon said by looking at the MRI he should have a relatively quick recovery period. He will have to have his arm immobilized for about 6 weeks, then he can start PT.

On another note me and my old thesbian friends have started group chatting with the Yahoo messenger, we have been having a great time getting reaquainted. It’s so funny how, with some people you know, you can not talk to them for years but when you finally do it’s like you just talked to them yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, Patrick got an ipod. We came home from some errands and on our porch was an UPS envelope with another Costco gift card (from Patrick’s dad). We are now officially in the 21st century, and although we only got 1, I can perhaps see myself getting one in the near future. We got him an ipod Nano, due to the fact that while he is in his recovery stage it will be quite boring for him.

 Work for me is winding down for the season with only one more big group the first week of June. Seems like everything is falling into place. With it being slow at work, I will get to take some time off after the surgery, to help Patrick, as he enters the healing stage of his saga.

The scooters have proven to be the best idea we have ever had, IMHO. With gas prices rocketing closer to $5.00 per gallon here. It helps when you can fill your tank with premium gas for 5 bucks and run with that for about 15 days ….I’m just sayin’.