The other night Patrick and I were watching Animal planet. They have a reality show called Groomer Has It . Yeah the show is cheesy, the contestants are for the most part whack jobs but I/we have gotten sucked in. During each episode they have challenges and then they also compete while grooming a dog.

A couple of weeks ago they had to go to a No kill shelter that was having an Open house/Adaption fair. Each groomer was told to pick a dog, groom it , and then try to get it adapted at the “fair”. One thing I do like about the show is, as they are going to commercials they have helpful grooming tips,trivia/information etc. This episode I was not too thrilled with the info part. It is common knowledge that shelters are overfull and people sometimes do not do what is right for their pets . What I did not know was that 60 -80 MILLION . Yes you read that right MILLION animals are sent to shelters world wide. Here’s the really really sad fact of the 60 – 80 MILLION animals placed in shelters 70% are euthanized ANNUALLY if my math is correct that is about 56 MILLION ANIMALS PER YEAR.

Now, I am not trying to be depressing here, but those numbers just ripped my heart out of my chest, stomped on said heart, then shoved it back into the gaping hole in my body. I am not one to preach(much) , even though I did go to Bible college and took 2 semesters of Homiletics ( the study of learning how to preach). But c’mon world let’s use some common sense when it comes to our 4 footed friends. Spay and Neuter, be prepared before ownership,use no kill shelters, etc etc. We all know all of this stuff but some chose to ignore common sense, everyday wisdom. And, because we chose not to use the sense God gave us 56 Million animals die every year, silent victims of our stubbornness/ignorance. Now,I know all of my readers know better than this but help get the word out.

-end Sermon – ( Hallelujah brother…Amen)-