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My Mom is back in the Hospital again after having been in for an almost 3 week stay 2 weeks ago ( or somewhere along those lines ). Patrick, who lost his mother a few years before we met, is trying to talk me into going home for a visit. I am at a loss as to what to do. Please don’t get me wrong I would love to see my family and spend some time with Mom but A) how much quality time can be had in a hospital room, or while she is sick for that matter and B) who is going to watch over my ailing Husband while I am gone?

Yeah Patrick is still pretty much a mess, his last Dr.’s Appt did not go as well as planned. Instead of a date for surgery, he was given the opinion that the Dr. thinks he should go back to work for a month. UH>>>>>> EXCUSE ME BUT WTF!!!??? Imagine a world where you could not even put your right arm parallel to the ground without it feeling like someone is jabbing a knife in your neck. Now imagine that you are doing the job of a restaurant Mgr, IE running food to tables, bussing tables etc with all this pain. That is the world Dr. wants P to live in for a whole month before they reconsider surgery. A surgery that has been held over Patrick’s head like an apple before a horse, with the emotional roller coaster of YEAH it’s finally gonna happen no more pain, then to hear “no, lets wait one more month.” He has heard this about 4 times now.

Just as a recap this has been an ongoing deal for a little over a year and a half. 3 surgeons, 1 physical therapist and a general practitioner have mandated that the surgery be done post haste, before he looses the use of his whole arm, yet still we wait. While at the Dr. Patrick asked him , “So, lets play the devil’s advocate here and say I do go back to work, and something worse happens to my arm. Is WC still going to cover me then?

The Dr stared for a minute and said ,”Well I am not sure.” then looked at the WC nurse who was still there and asked her. She wasn’t sure either. To put a little more icing on the cake on the way home from his appt. a truck that was in front of him ( yes he was on the scooter) made a quick right hand turn , sending P ass over elbow. Of course the guy had no Insurance and was crying (literally) for Patrick to let him go or he would be sent home. Turns out Patrick now has 2 broken bones in his left foot and is in a cast.

I need a break…..WE need a break, before something in both of us snaps irreparably. I hate to see my heart in pain, what is worse is seeing 2 parts of the same heart,1 thousands of mile away from me hurting. In short ….it sucks.


Been awhile

Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. When you get sooooo wrapped up in living, and you think “hey that would make a good post’, but you never get around to posting it. That’s where I am right now. Work is slow but we just had a major property inspection , so I was busting my butt getting our area ready for that.

On top of that, my Mom’s health is not doing that well. She has COPD, which is a chronic lung disorder, so she has been in and out of the hospital for a few years. Lately though, she seemed to be doing well, until this last episode, in which she went into Cardiac arrest twice. She is doing much better now, she is back at home after spending I believe it was 2 weeks in the hospital. It may have been less but it felt like forever.  It’s tough when you are over 3,000 miles away when something like this happens. Luckily I was kept well informed by family what was going on.

Other than that not too much has been going on here in the South Pacific. Been reading alot, hanging out with Patrick and Lola and our neighbors, C and B. We actually had a nice relaxing 4th of July BBQ at the complex. Simple stuff Burgers, Hot dogs, Potato and Macaroni salads and my first ever made from scratch (except for the crust) Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice cream and caramel sauce. We ended the night with a small but fun fireworks display, but were done by about 9.

Patrick will be having what we hope, is his last Dr visit before surgery on the 15th. On that day he will , hopefully, be given a date for the surgery so we can move out of the never ending Workman’s Comp cycle. We shall see.