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Contrary to Popular Belief…..

This blog is not dead, only napping a little. There is just not a whole lot going on right now that I can Blog about, or wish too for that matter. And, still I am not giving up hope, so neither should you.

There will be more things to write about in the very near future. My surprise trip to Bama (it’s okay it is only a surprise to my Mom who does not read this blog). I am sure there will be more to blog about during Patrick’s recovery. Then there will be our move back to the mainland, with all that it entails. Containers and rental truck and barges and all that. Figuring out just what it is exactly we are taking home. It will be different than moving here, because moving here we shipped some things but the rest is still in Oregon. So we are taking all that we have acquired here, and all that we left in Oregon to create our new space. To be honest I really don’t remember what we left in Oregon, other than some books, coats, general detritus,Oh, and some art and chachkis that we didn’t ship because we could not run the risk of them being broken.

Anywhooo I just wanted to drop in and let you know there is more to come. If I have anymore readers out there please just bare with me. I promise to return soon………. with a vengeance.   🙂


1,000 points to anyone who can tell what the title is from.Anywhooooo, Patrick had his surgery on August 28th, He only had to stay in the Hospital one night which was awesome, since he had just been in there for 3 nights. I know I have not posted in a bit but I have been busy being his step and fetch it guy (read nursemaid). I will say this he has been a great patient. He tends to do too much during the day which wipes him out easily but little by little he is getting better. On top of being a nursemaid we had another friend come and stay with us to “help out with Patrick” (yeah right) she did little to help him and complained a bit because we weren’t doing to much. Uh Hello……just had surgery 6 days before you got here???!!! We have had our fill of ungrateful guests lately that is for sure.

P has now progressed to the next step, Physical therapy. He goes twice a week,and hates it, the good thing is it’s a lady we know, we used her for my knee, so she is being cautious but firm with him. I was lucky enough to get 24 days of Paid time off from work to be here for him,but that is now over. I started back to work yesterday.

That is about it on the news front right now , other than the fact I am making a pilgrimage to Bama, to see the family at the end of October. I am trying to keep it a secret visit, so far I have only told my sister Lorry, but Mom doesn’t know (and she better not because I won’t have to look far to find the culprit, ya hearing me Lorry ??) if she does find out. That’s it guys I just wanted to fill you in since it has been over a month now since I had anything to blog about. I will try and do better I promise !!