This blog is not dead, only napping a little. There is just not a whole lot going on right now that I can Blog about, or wish too for that matter. And, still I am not giving up hope, so neither should you.

There will be more things to write about in the very near future. My surprise trip to Bama (it’s okay it is only a surprise to my Mom who does not read this blog). I am sure there will be more to blog about during Patrick’s recovery. Then there will be our move back to the mainland, with all that it entails. Containers and rental truck and barges and all that. Figuring out just what it is exactly we are taking home. It will be different than moving here, because moving here we shipped some things but the rest is still in Oregon. So we are taking all that we have acquired here, and all that we left in Oregon to create our new space. To be honest I really don’t remember what we left in Oregon, other than some books, coats, general detritus,Oh, and some art and chachkis that we didn’t ship because we could not run the risk of them being broken.

Anywhooo I just wanted to drop in and let you know there is more to come. If I have anymore readers out there please just bare with me. I promise to return soon………. with a vengeance.   🙂