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More Challenge info

I thought that perhaps if I listed the Books that I am reading for the 7 Classics challenge, it might make things a bit more interesting. Remember the beauty of this challenge is you get to read what YOU consider Classics.

My list is full of High adventure on the High seas, a bunch of witches, desert Islands and such ….Here they are:

1) Great Expectations- Charles Dickens- this will be a re-read but I have always loved this book. DONE

2) To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee-Another re-read.

3) Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson DONE

4) Robinson Crusoe- Daniel Defoe

5) The Three Musketeers – Alexandre Dumas

6) Journey to the Center of the Earth- Jules Verne DONE

And last but not least

7) The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – L. Frank Baum- being a ‘mo as I am I can not believe I have never read the book, luckily that will change thanks to this challenge. There you have it my list of my version of 7 classics I will be reading ( or re reading as the case may be ). I invite you all to choose your own , if you do send me an email and let me know what they are !! Come on kids get Literate, I dare ya!!!


Vacation countdown

In a little over 48 hours I will be 30,000 feet above the earth in a tin can with wings and a rubberband. Heading away on 2 wings and a prayer, to the great state sometimes known as “the Heart of Dixie”. Yup, on Tuesday I slip the surly bonds of Earth and head to Bama. Just thought I would share that with you. Oh and a BIG THANK YOU For all the GREAT INPUT on the post below regarding a 7 classics challange. 😛

While is down for system maintenance, I though I would jot a quick post to all of you who still check to see if this blog has life. GR has kind of totally changed the way I look at reading , in a good way. For example, before Good reads I would go to the book store , wander aimlessly for hours, and then pick up a book that I had no ideas about , just so I can say a bought a book.

Now however, my to be read list is over 150 books long thanks to friends and referrals from people on good reads. I said all of that to lead up to this point. Some friends and I are going to do a challenge in 2009. Someone else brought it up and I asked for details . Well I got the details and it sound really fun.

We are going to do a Classics Challenge, now I know that I had some of you all interested until I brought up the word Classics. But, that is the beauty of this Challenge, the classics are totally Arbitrary. Meaning you pick what your idea of “Classics ” are, then read 7 of them ( or re-read as the case may be) starting in 2009. If you would like to join me ( and I hope at least one person does, then just be thinking about the books you consider classics. As Soon as I Figure out what my 7 are I will post them here. If you figure them out and want to post them to your blog please do so. Remember there really is NO PRESSURE. Your definition of a classic Plus a whole year to read 7 books. Send me an email or comment if you are going to consider this for the New Year. I would love to see who, besides me, loves the idea. Plus when/if you post them on your blog I would love to see what you have chosen as your 7 Classics. It’s gonna be fun I swear ( God that just made me sound like a bigger dork than I already am) !!!

A Lesson Learned

I thought I would share this little tidbit of life experience with you. If you ever find yourself tripping over a curtain in your bedroom, and you trip so hard it pulls the screw out of the wall. Do NOT stand on your bed with the ceiling fan on high to screw the rod back into the wall.

Why?, You may ask? Because if you do, chances are, you will get hit in the head by the ceiling fan. Then you will have to be rushed to the E.R. to wait 3 hours for 6 stitches and a tetanus shot. I’m just sayin’. Learn from my mistakes won’t you ? Thanks!

Oh, the upside is you will get one day off from work.