While Goodreads.com is down for system maintenance, I though I would jot a quick post to all of you who still check to see if this blog has life. GR has kind of totally changed the way I look at reading , in a good way. For example, before Good reads I would go to the book store , wander aimlessly for hours, and then pick up a book that I had no ideas about , just so I can say a bought a book.

Now however, my to be read list is over 150 books long thanks to friends and referrals from people on good reads. I said all of that to lead up to this point. Some friends and I are going to do a challenge in 2009. Someone else brought it up and I asked for details . Well I got the details and it sound really fun.

We are going to do a Classics Challenge, now I know that I had some of you all interested until I brought up the word Classics. But, that is the beauty of this Challenge, the classics are totally Arbitrary. Meaning you pick what your idea of “Classics ” are, then read 7 of them ( or re-read as the case may be) starting in 2009. If you would like to join me ( and I hope at least one person does, then just be thinking about the books you consider classics. As Soon as I Figure out what my 7 are I will post them here. If you figure them out and want to post them to your blog please do so. Remember there really is NO PRESSURE. Your definition of a classic Plus a whole year to read 7 books. Send me an email or comment if you are going to consider this for the New Year. I would love to see who, besides me, loves the idea. Plus when/if you post them on your blog I would love to see what you have chosen as your 7 Classics. It’s gonna be fun I swear ( God that just made me sound like a bigger dork than I already am) !!!