I got back from Bama on Tuesday night. I did successfully surprise my Mom amd Dad, yes even I was able to keep my mouth shut. The last time I tried to surprise them I ended up spilling the beans about 4 days before I was to leave. Can I just say, it is very weird for me to go back to Bama. Things in my lil berg don’t really ever change in appearance, but under the surface things are different. And too, maybe it is wierd because I have been out of the Bible Belt for soooo long, I forget how all encompassing the thoughts and beliefs really are. There were so many McCain/Palin Signs that I even got a little nausea going on. I threatened to go out on Halloween night with some lighter fluid and my trusty lighter to torch a few, but I was a good boy. 

My old Thespian friends and I ( ok well only 2 of them ) had Dinner together, My god how much fun was that. J brought some old photos of our motley crew. I don’t think I have laughed as hard or as long in a long time compared to that night. To give you an idea of how scary they were , we were in school together in 90/91. There were quite a few pics of me channeling George Michael( or trying to), and some where a pedophile had taken over my body, meaning I could have been picked up for child molesting if they did that by looks alone. 🙂

Was the whole trip a piece of cake? No, not at all. My first night there I was kinda cornered into explaining why I would have voted for Obama. I finally got fed up and just spoke up and said that for once I was looking for what I could get from Obama. That maybe the climate for the gays was finally going to change and we would no longer have to live as 2nd class citizens. I let my family know in no uncertain terms that that was what I would be looking for from Mr. Obama’s time in office. As the conversation wound down I went outside to get some air , my older sister ( hi Lorry ) went out with me. She turned to me and said , that she was proud of me for sticking up for myself. It did feel good.

The rest of the trip,was not particularly eventful. I did have a good time seeing the family, and spending time with my Mom. That being said it is good to be home where i was missed by both Patrick and Lola, who were missed immensely in return.

Oh By the way , if you direct your attention over to my blog roll , you will see that I did some housekeeping. Some are gone , but the good news is that I have 3 new Links. All 3 are friends of mine from over at …you guessed it …GoodReads. The Center Holds, Dish on Hiatus and 21st Century Soap- boxing are the new adds, Welcome !! Now go check’em out!